While The Phone Lines Have Not Been Ringing, E-Mails Have Been Coming In

All Aboard Florida

Here is reader feedback since last week:

“You are confused?  Well, join the rest of us who live along the Treasure Coast.

You made some sense of some complicated events.

And I believe that things may get more muddied before they start to clear up.

If you do get to be a fly on Mr. Reininger’s wall, I look forward to your reports to the rest of us.”
“The total for all train related accidents/incidents averaged over 10 years is 12,388.  That’s a lot of road kill.”
“What is new and is the red hot item is the fees for the bond sales; and who is getting them.  We need need to find more about this and expose it.”
“Generally, one or several companies can bid on selling the bonds.  I would assume that Fortress works with someone.  The rates depend on what is the workout.  I assume they would be high in this case because the bonds will be difficult to sell.”
“I really like your info on Title 23 and PABs.”

“I have not met you before but appreciate your gratuitous email about AAF and the issues involved.  This case is very complex and sometimes seems like  an octopus that continually produces new arms to fight. I particularly like your explanation of Title 23’s application to this case. Thank you.”


Correction: “Indian River County was represented by Philip Karmel at the hearing. He is actually in Byran Cave’s New York office.”

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