Statistics On The Readership Of Our Article On Vero Beach High School Graduates

Kristen Linsky congratulates her little brother, Hunter Cureton, after the Vero Beach High School commencement ceremony Saturday at the Citrus Bowl in Vero Beach. This was the largest graduating class to date. (MOLLY BARTELS/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS)

5543 VIEWS: Last week we published an article on the achievements of Vero Beach High School graduating class.  On June 19, VeroVine, ( a website carefully curated to improve your life, which sends out a weekly email to over 2,000 subscribers, posted a capsule of the article and routed the reader to our new website to read the full article.

As of today, 5543 people have viewed, and presumably read the article.  And its not only people in the United States.

There were readers from the Bahamas, Canada, Spain, Italy Mexico, Lebanon, Honduras, the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, Columbia, Chile, Russia and Japan.

The article was also posted on VeroVine’s Facebook page, where it reached 10,184 people, had 373 likes, 21 comments and 96 shares.

Certainly this speaks to Vero Beach High School’s tight knit community of alumni/alumna, parents, students, faculty, its administrators and the Vero Beach community in general.

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