What if I had a Heart Attack?

heart attack

THIS IS NOT A VERY GOOD PICTURE, but it is what I experienced last week traveling east on 54th Street when I had to come to a stop because of the train passing through. I got out and walked down to the crossing to take this picture and should have counted the cars in front of me but there was a line-up. My wait time was about 15 minutes, so those in front of me had waited longer. As I waited, I wondered about my anxiety if I had a heart attack on this side of the tracks, with the Indian River Medical Center on the other?

Then when the train passed and we were able to cross the tracks and go across Old Dixie Highway, there was another wait because of the traffic light on US 1. The timeframe for the green signal was not enough time for all the cars in front of me to get onto US 1, which caused a back-up onto Old Dixie Highway.

And now with All Aboard Florida…more trains.

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