Disturbing E-Mail Forwarded by a Reader


WE WERE RECENTLY FORWARDED AN EMAIL FROM A LOYAL READER NAMED SAM, who exchanges emails with his friend Anthony in the UK. Both these men are intellectuals corresponding about important world affairs.

(Sam also emailed me an extensive document about the background and mission of ISIS, which is very deep and needs study.)

Here is the recent correspondence between Sam and Anthony that Sam forwarded to me.


When are the politicians of the West going to realize that we are at War?

I have said this many times….but its not just a war against ISIS but against the Muslims who adhere to such primitive practices and who now are achieving their own goals within our countries for sharia law, halal food etc…..its wrong and its going to explode.






“Dear Sam,

Do you know that there are parts of the UK where English Law is not used?

Do you know there are no-go areas for Non-Muslims in some English cities?

Yet what is the government doing about this? SFA !!!

Every day there’s news in the paper about another Muslim crime or issue….every day!!!

Young girls here are going to Syria to be wives for these pricks….. The govt tries to stop them, but hello, thats not the answer. If you fight for ISIS you lose your citizenship. Its not brain surgery.

If you do not follow the laws of the country: leave. Its not complicated.

Yet thanks to morons like Tony Blair and his socialist PC correct bunch of fools, the govt has to sit on its hands.

Its wrong. CAPITAL W R O N G.

Its NOT going to end well Sam. I can feel it. Even this morning I was speaking to an ex squaddie and he agreed that the army will eventually have to be called into these areas to clean these people up.

God only knows whats happening there in the US !

Its a worldwide problem and one that can’t be ignored any longer.



isis beheading

ISIS Beheading

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