“Back from Sailing in the Idyllic Greek Islands, and Yet This is What Happens There”

IT IS VERY SATISFYING TO ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY, as we weekly receive emails with ideas, links and commentary.

This week we received this unfortunate email from a reader about refugees fleeing to the Greek Islands.


“De retour de 2 semaines idylliques de voile dans les îles grecques, et pourtant voilà ce qui s’y passe….

Des centaines de réfugiés arrivent quotidiennement, nous en avons croisé plusieurs fois, notamment sur l’île d’Agathonisi, 24 syriens, la plupart des hommes en quête d’une vie meilleure : “A better life”. Il y avait une seule famille, père et mère et leurs 2 enfants. Trempés jusqu’aux os avec comme seul bagage un sac plastic.
On leur a parlé, ils ont failli se noyer dans…”

“Back from 2 weeks sailing idyllic in the Greek Islands, and yet this is what happens there….

Hundreds of refugees arrive on a daily basis, we have met several times, including on the island of agathonisi, 24 Syrians, most of the men in search of a better life: ‘a better life’ There was a single family, Father and mother and their 2 children. Soaked to the bone with baggage as only a plastic bag.

They spoke, they have nearly drowned in a rubber boat 5 m long, not even a dinghy… The one who talked a little English told me: we come from death to death, the coastguard saved us, without him we would be dead!!!

We have real chills of horror and real tears of sorrow. And a great sense of powerlessness.”

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