Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) Responds to Public Records Request

Nick Guarriello

Nicholas P. Guarriello


ON JULY 19, IN OUR ARTICLE ON HOW FMPA LOST $ 247 MILLION from 2003-2014, we indicated that we had been urged to write a letter to Mr. Guarriello, CEO of FMPA, to seek public records to determine who Vero Beach Board members were during these years and how they voted on various decisions at each meeting.

On July 20 we received an electronic letter from Jody Lamar Finklea, FMPA Assistant General Counsel / Manager of Legal Affairs, indicating the estimated cost to produce those records would be $ 98.98.

What’s perhaps more interesting than the records, according to a County official, is that they are not available on FMPA’s website.

If you go to the Indian River County website, http://www.ircgov.com, you can click on “Board of County Commissioners,” and then click on yearly minutes dating back to 2010.  Once you click on a year, it gives you access to Agendas, Agenda Packets, Minutes, Video and Audio for each meeting.

If you go to the FMPA website (www.fmpa.com), you do not have access to anything, unless you are a member, and who knows what’s in there?  All it provides is FMPA publicity and a value statement that FMPA provides “transparent and effective communication.”

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