What Do You Want to Read?

man in custody

Man arrested on human trafficking, drug charges

Indian River County


It’s frustrating.  What do people want to read?

Recently we did a search of local news reports and came up with this list:

“Questionable assertions from Press Journal.”

Attack on Commissioner Solari

“Newspaper Columnist’s false claims”

“Mace raid – six arrested for drugs.”

“Second suspect in June 24 robbery.”

“Gifford shooting.”

“Regulations on adult businesses”

“Aide going to trial in death of Shores patient.”

Sullivan sex case

Manslaughter case

“Robbery suspects in Fellsmere”

Crime blotters

WE DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.  We endeavor to do deep research, analyze, report facts and help educate the community.  As well as report on what is becoming even more reader interaction.

Recently, we partnered with Vero Vine (www.verovine.com), who has allowed us to publish articles that may be of interest to the community.  We want people to say: “I didn’t know that,” “now I understand,” “wow,” and “did you know that?”

While we dig deep on issues such as healthcare, the environment, All Aboard Florida, transit oriented development, Vero Vine is designed to improve your life. It helps people see the other side of your surroundings. It encourages members to get out and enjoy all that the community has to offer. To see the beauty of our surroundings and capture it for yourself.


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