Indian River County Short Term Rentals


WE HAVE GIVEN ALOT OF THOUGHT ABOUT HOW TO APPROACH THIS ARTICLE, especially after reading an article on “McJobs and UberJobs in the July 4th, 2015 The Economist, where it was written that “Now, the ‘on-demand’ economy is…letting people sell their labour and rent out their assets – from cars to apartments – in a series of short-term assignments arranged by a smartphone app.”

Certainly, as you may have read, there is considerable contention between Miles Conway, PhD., and Indian River County Commissioner Bob Solari about the subject of Indian River County short term rentals. Dr. Conway is Secretary and Director of the South Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. (SBPOA)

On June 3, Dr. Conway hand delivered a 57 page document to Commissioner Solari on the subject.  It included an additional 77 page document on reported short term rental complaints.

In fact, a local on-line news publication recently referred to Commissioner Solari as “Mr. Short Term Rental.”

The contention has been widely covered, so we have a different angle, by summarizing the complaints in Dr. Conway’s 77 page document on short term rental complaints.

But first, we had the opportunity to speak briefly with George D. F. Lanborn, president of the SBPOA, who said he is not necessarily against short term rentals, but rather the lack of enforced controls.  He indicated the Indian River County Commissioners do not allocate sufficient funds to the Sheriff’s Department to do so.

In his May 12, 2015 letter to Commissioner Solari, in his concluding sentence he wrote: “There are many examples along the entire East Coast that demonstrate clearly how destructive short term commercial rentals have been to once quality of life living areas because of their lack of enforced controls and laws.”

Additionally, Mr. Lanborn alluded to contention within SBPOA itself having to do with Director George Bryant.  Who knows what that’s all about – and that’s their issue, not ours.

So, once again, here is our angle on the subject, by summarizing the short term rental complaints in Dr. Conway’s 77 page document, in the order in which they are listed in the document.

Indian River County Case Report

12/27/2014: Criminal Mischief / Trespass

2340 S. Highway A1A, Vero Beach

Indian River County Case Report

12/29/2014: Criminal Mischief / Trespass

No Address

Indian River County Case Report

5/6/2015: Trespass

2340 S. Highway A1A, Vero Beach

Indian River County Case Report

6/13/2014: Trespass

2355 23rd. Street SE, Vero Beach

8/28/2013 correspondence to Vero Beach City Counselor Fletcher reporting 5-8 kids renting a house on Fiddlewood Lane who “placed a ping pong table in the driveway…played drinking games…every day we awoke to broken beer bottles on Fiddlewood, Ocean Drive and …in my driveway.”

8/26/2013 correspondence to Counselors Fletcher and Turner: “I am a full time homeowner and resident in Ambersand Beach. We have a revolving door of vacationers who leave bagged garbage along the road and have made our raccoon population extremely happy. Several evenings the Sheriff’s had to be called because of unlawful fireworks. I have had kayaks stolen.”

8/24/2013 correspondence to Counselor Turner: “Tracy Carroll, across the street, had extended families (six cars) renting for a week two years ago and the next week there were four pick-up trucks in front of her house. And then, there was a business conference where people came and left for a few days (large turnover).

8/24/2013 correspondence to Counselors Turner and Fletcher: “ I was a long term renter…to her short term rental property on Seagrape Lane. The noise, the over parking, the enormous loads of bear bottles and trash left on the street for days is all you need to know…”

8/28/2013 correspondence to Counselors Turner and Fletcher: We are in the North Beach Association. The temporary rentals have 8-15 have cars at houses that are homesteaded but leased to anyone. There are fireworks being shot…garbage left…torn by wild animals and strewn across the street.”

8/26/2013: We are a full-time resident in Ambersome Beach. We have an influx of rentals to our area along with garbage in the street, fireworks on the beach, parked cars everywhere, people trespassing on our dock and fireworks at all hours of the night. I have counted as many as 10 young people packed into one single family home. (This particular correspondence also refers to sex, nudity, urination etc., but we feel that best unsaid).

8/26/2013 correspondence to Counselors Turner and Flescher:: “ I happen to live across the road from a home that has been rented…for over a year now. Multiple complaints to the Coad Enforcement Board resulted in a minor fine of $ 50.”

Indian River County Case Report


421 Holly Road

“I feel live next to a motel. I have already called the police for late night parties.”

8/31/2013 Correspondence to City Counselors Kramer and Winger: I have personally witnessed overflowing garbage bags, cascading beer bottles piled on the front lawn and vehicles parked on the front lawn of rental homes in Vero Beach.”

3/23/2015: Correspondence to Jim O’Connor: I saw two bald men, approximately 50 years old, sitting by the pool playing Reggie music on speakers.”

Additionally there were 41 letters to City Counselors in favor of an appeal to the Circuit Court decision on August 14, 2013 by the Code Enforcement Board not to uphold short term rental restrictions.

Dr. Conway, has, in emails to me, described my writing on this subject as an “observer,” without taking a position. Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s flagship foreign affairs show, a Washington Post columnist and New York Times bestselling author begins his Sunday show with “My Take.”

Here is My Take: If I own a house in South Beach and want to take a cruise with my family for two weeks and my childhood friend who used to live in Riomar and now lives in Montana; and is still a member of the Riomar Club and wants to return here and rent my house for the two weeks while I am gone to visit with friends: should he be prevented from doing so? Will they have a keg party and put a ping pong table in the driveway, or have an orderly get-together with friends?

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