Vero Communique Welcomes a Second Sponsor: the Florida Conservancy

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FLORIDA CONSERVANCY IS A NEW NOT-FOR-PROFIT NATURAL AND CULTURAL CONSERVATION PARTNERSHIP, located in Vero Beach, between noted ecologist David Cox Ph.D and an economist, Ralph Monticello, formerly Director of Land Protection for the Indian River Land Trust.

The mission of the Florida Conservancy is to work on local, state, and regional projects that have global impacts – delivering conservation benefits to landowners, their communities, businesses, and governments. Florida Conservancy views conservation and economic vitality as inseparable. The call this approach conservation capitalism.

The Florida Conservancy is organized to promote the preservation, conservation, and improvement of natural and cultural resources in the region. It provides: education and outreach; resource protection through acquisitions, dispositions, and management of land, water, and cultural resources; and other activities that advance and promote its conservation mission.

Florida Conservancy’s expertise is to meet financial and timing needs of landowners and investors, and to also provide assistance with appraisals, title searches/issues, due diligence, environmental site assessments, surveys, and government procedures.

Please visit the Florida Conservancy at:

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