All Aboard Florida: Destruction Record, Already


All Aboard Florida Heavy Machinery

ON FRIDAY AUGUST 7, 2015 NBC6 SOUTH FLORIDA REPORTER ARI ODZER reported that the All Aboard Florida high-speed train project “runs right through one of South Florida’s most historic areas.”

According to Mr. Odzer, “archeologists were shocked to find an unsupervised railroad crew digging along here laying a fiber optic line right through a sensitive area.  That heavy equipment is great for digging trenches and ditches, but it is a death sentence for a delicate archaeological site.  All that weight crushes and destroys things. These artifacts are a couple of thousand years old and can’t take the weight of multi-ton machinery.”

Here is the video news clip from NB6 South Florida Miami regarding the destruction the train (All Aboard Florida) is already mindlessly creating. (You don’t have to download the app to get the article, but you will have to listen to a loud 30-second, advertisement first.)

Phyllis Frey, a leading activist against the AAF projects writes that “the shocking final statement from AAF reveals the callous, improperly supervised, heavy-machinery methods and attitudes with which they are proceeding, as MANY historical sites in MANY towns all along the entire proposed route on the coast have sent up alarms and written detailed reports of impact on registered sites; but AAF pretends the sites don’t exist (“no impact”) and cites Federal permission (not true).

Heaven only knows what is in store for Vero’s Ice Age sites! One can only hope that the Miami experience will shake up those who are pushing for this train for their own enrichment (no one in Vero wants it anywhere near here), and at least dramatically alter their approach to the work on their project.”

One thought on “All Aboard Florida: Destruction Record, Already

  1. Please! It was a 2′ deep trench for a fiber optic cable. By the way, the fiber optic cable is to allow for communications that would enhance safety. Something that Phyllis Frey and other radical opponents have been accusing AAF of not addressing. So Phyllis, you can’t have it both ways now! Do you want safety or do you want arrow heads that are one to two feet beneath the grass to be “preserved”? What is it? I prefer we protect the human population that currently is alive here. And how exactly is a 2′ deep trench next to existing railroad tracks going to dramatically impact a site that has already been disrupted?

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