Let’s Have a Show of Hands of Who is Confused if the Moorings is Buying the Dockside Grille

Dock Side Grill


“We have it on good authority, but without any factual authority, that the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa is purchasing Bobby’s Restaurant and Lounge and the surrounding property to expand its footprint; and that Bobby’s is relocating to the site of the Dockside Grill on Royal Palm Pointe.”

Note we wrote we had no “factual authority.”  It was here say, although on good authority.

But on September 17, 2015 a local magazine, in writing that “Moorings, Hawk’s Nest merger moves forward,” said: “Greeting the new members, from Hawk’s Nest and elsewhere, will be a fully renovated and slightly reconfigured Dockside Grille.”

How many people were confused and wondered if the Mooring’s was buying the Dockside Grille, on which a “For Sale” sign is posted?

The fact is that the newspaper was referring to the Dockside Grille at The Moorings, not the Dockside Grille on Royal Palm Pointe, without making that clear.

But how many people were confused?  We’re writing about it because we have older friends in a retirement community who used to live at The Moorings, who are still members of the Moorings Yacht and Country Club, who were in a dither trying to figure it out; rereading and discussing the article to try and interpret it.

On Instagram one person wrote that the The Moorings was probably buying the Dockside Grill to compete with Quail Valley’s new facility where the Lobster Shanty was located on Royal Palm Pointe.

Some even called Hawk’s Nest to see if they had a Dockside Grill.

It’s a shame The Moorings was put a position where so many people wondered what was going on.

The author should have added a parentheses.


The Moorings Yacht and Country Club

With regard to the Vero Beach and Spa there was this comment:

“The reef can’t sell without consent of it’s owners and since I’m an owner and haven’t heard a word, this rumor is not true!!! However I don’t doubt that Bobby’s is moving and not renewing their lease, that has been coming for years!”

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