Yom Kippur Was Last Week. Is Israel Less Secure?


 This article was written by Stanford Erickson, who lives in Vero Beach and is a thirty-year member of the National Press in Washington, DC, and a former member of the Overseas Press Club in New York City. The article was first published on TCPalm.com, the website of Treasure Coast Newspapers and approved for publication in Vero Communique.

HISTORY WILL NOTE THAT TWO VERY DIFFERENT U.S. PRESIDENTS, Richard M. Nixon and Barack Obama, took quite different policy decisions involving the security of the nation of Israel on Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Year.

According to Charles Krauthammer’s column on September 13, 2015, a provision is hidden in Annex III, Section 10 of the agreement reached between Iran and five world powers — the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France and China — that would require these five nations to come to the aid of Iran if Israel attempts to use a nonmilitary cyberattack against Iran’s efforts to build nuclear weapon capability.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has made similar assertions about Annex III, Section 10. In addition, news reports indicate Israel’s leaders have suggested U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who helped negotiate the agreement with Iran, has informed them that the U.S. and the other sovereign nation signers of the agreement would come to the aid of Iran if Israel attempts a pre-emptive military attack against Iran.

Jeremy Ben Ami, in an article in New York Times November 12, 2012, reported that 70 percent of all Jewish voters cast their votes for Barack Obama to be president for a second term. The Jewish vote for Richard Nixon in his successful election for the U.S. presidency in 1968 was 17 percent. In Nixon’s successful election in 1972, the Jewish vote for him was 35 percent.

Early on Oct. 6, 1973, White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig woke up President Nixon to inform him that Egypt and Syria had attacked Israel. Truth be told, Israel was contemplating its own pre-emptive attack but allegedly chose not to because U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reportedly had informed Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir that the Nixon Administration would not come to Israel’s aid if Israel attacked first.

Golda Meir, who had forged with Richard Nixon the strongest relationship that Israel has ever had with the United States, telephoned Nixon and informed him that Israel’s very survival depended on Nixon. The so-called Yom Kippur War took place Oct. 6-25. With congressional approval, the Nixon Administration implemented “Operation Nickel Grass.” During the course of the Yom Kippur War, the United States flew 567 missions airlifting tanks, artillery, trucks and ammunitions to the embattled nation of Israel. Altogether 22,000 tons of supplies were flown to Israel and an additional 90,000 tons were delivered by sea.

The U.S. State Department, including Secretary of State Kissinger, attempted to slow down this assistance to Israel, concerned the United States would be antagonizing the Soviet Union, which was supplying Egypt and Syria with military equipment. Nixon is quoted on White House tapes as saying, “We are going to get blamed just as much for three planes as for three hundred.”

When Nixon’s own military advisers were attempting to delay the airlift of supplies to Israel, Nixon is quoted on the White House tapes as saying, “Use every (plane) we have — everything that will fly.”


On May 14, 1948, the Provisional Government of Israel proclaimed the new State of Israel. U.S. President Harry Truman on that same date personally recognized the provisional Jewish government as the de facto authority of the new Jewish state. Top-ranking U.S. State Department officials and U.S. delegates to the United Nations were angered that Truman released his recognition of the State of Israel to the media without notifying them first.

In nearly 70 years since Israel has existed, Barack Obama is the first president of the United States that has initiated and agreed to a legal document that could threaten the very existence of Israel.

That will be part of President Obama’s legacy, which seems so very important to him.

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