Amelia Graves for Vero Beach City Council

Graves with Sign


We are a full service City that requires dedication and passion to a full range of issues. Often just one or two seem to dominate the headlines, but I assure you there is so much more that often goes unnoticed and I have had the unique position to bear witness and be involved it so many of the small things that keep our City so unique.

Our Airport under the leadership of Eric Menger and a dedicated group of volunteers on the Airport commission are rolling out our Airport master plan which includes bringing commercial flight service back to the City of Vero Beach.

The City has begun transitioning septic tanks off the Lagoon under the Step Program devised by Rob Bolton our Water and Sewer Director.

The hundreds of events from Downtown Friday to Under the Oaks are made possible by the unwavering dedication of our Recreation Department.

Our Public Works Department is constantly busy keeping up the aesthetics and maintenance of our City under Monte Falls.

Chief Currey runs one of the best Police Departments in the State of Florida and our officers are incredibly reliable and capable to respond when called upon.

Our beaches have been full, our Marina has had a great year, and we are continuing to improve our services wherever we can.

Our City Manager and Finance Director have worked tirelessly to ensure our City can meet its obligations and that services are not interrupted.

There is so much attention given to the City Council, but the unsung heroes that do a lot of the heavy lifting for our City are all the members of our boards and commissions that really dig deep into the issues and present recommendations to the Council. This gives an opportunity for our residents to share their time, talent, and expertise in helping shape City policy.

Our residents are proactive and involved and I believe provide the greatest inspiration for moving our City forward.  I look at the work and generosity from reconstructing playgrounds, supporting transportation to alleviate parking issues, to creating a Dog Park. This speaks volumes to what this City means to its inhabitants.

It means a lot to me – as a 5th generation resident I have had the privilege of not only being shaped by growing up here, but now have had the opportunity to help give back and shape my hometown.

I look at the dedication and commitment of our residents in creating their homes and conducting business here and I feel a call to serve them if they feel I can represent their values and vision.

We have come a long way, we have protected some of our most sacred places including Crestlawn Cemetery – but there is still a lot to do.

We are working to bring electric rates down, we are working on storm water projects, and beginning to do long range planning to make sure the City is solvent into the future and can continue to deliver the level of services our citizens expect and that make Vero such a wonderful place to live.

It has not been easy, but nothing worth having ever is – so while it has been a challenge it is one I would gladly accept again. I hope to earn you vote on November 3rd, and look forward to the future because right now it looks bright.”

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