Brian Heady for Vero Beach City Council


Brain Heady


I work with veterans in Indian River County and I oversee a transportation network which provides transportation for veterans’ medical needs. I’m also one of the drivers. I get paid for about half of the hours I work.

The two biggest issues now facing the city are the higher taxes, and the sale of the electric utility. We have a city unable to live within it’s income and as a result we now have higher taxes. Why with the reduction in the number of city employees do we have higher taxes?

We need to sell the electric utility or get FPL rates. We were promised OUC would bring us 20% lower electric rates.

How would I fix the problems? I would require a budget that is within the income of the city without any increase in taxes.

And I would tell OUC that we will only pay FPL rates from now on and if they don’t like that they can sell and or give up any rights they have to Vero Beach electric utility. I would then give the keys of the utility to FPL.

I would tell them to start operating the utility immediately and tell them they are to charge our customers the FPL rates which are the lowest in the state. All of the income would be FPL’s and all of the expenses would be FPL’s. I would sell the Indian River Shores portion of our electric utility to FPL for the eighteen million dollars it is worth and I would do it now.

And to those who say it can’t be done all I can say is put me in office and I’ll do it. And give me some help on the Council by voting for someone who will do as I just wrote.

I will make the above motions at the very first meeting in which I am elected.

Hopefully I’ll get a second and the Council can vote.

Brian Heady”

3 thoughts on “Brian Heady for Vero Beach City Council

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