More Sensationalism About Vero Beach City Council Candidate Laura Moss


A BLOGGER RECENTLY POSTED AN ARTICLE “That Moss is supported by an elected official of a municipality currently suing the City of Vero Beach may lead some voters to question Moss’ willingness to vigorously defend the interests of the residents of Vero Beach.”

Then John E. Church responded:

“…after learning of her accepting financial support from an Indian River Shores councilman has doomed her to a big defeat. Add to her problems, her support from Charlie Wilson and you have a sure road map to a resounding loss on election day.”

More sensationalism.  Ms. Moss received $ 100. from Gary Weick, Vice Mayor of the town of Indian River Shores.  He was her high school teacher where she grew up in West Islip, New York.

With regard to Ms. Moss’ association with Charlie Wilson, we are re-posting her responce to this insinuation:


I am running my own race. Charlie Wilson is not my campaign manager, nor is he working on my campaign in any capacity … paid or unpaid.

With regard to ‘contributions’ to Charlie Wilson, last year I purchased tickets to a musical event for a friend; I did not attend the event. I paid $20.00 cash for the tickets and gave them to the friend. This $20.00 later was reported as a Wilson campaign contribution. It was not made clear to me at that time that the $20.00 was a ‘contribution’.

Tom, as you know, responsible journalists check their facts before writing, as you are doing now.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.


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