Our Planet is Stunning – Beautiful Photos

A READER RECENTLY SENT ALONG THESE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS DEMONSTRATING HOW OUR PLANET IS SO STUNNING.  Please enjoy.  For a minute or two they will take you away from politics, climate change, gun control and corruption.

Stunning 1

Rock Formation in Cappadocia, Turkey – Photo by Christian Clausier

Stunning 2

Stunning Rock Formation, Bryce Canyon

Stunning 3

Rock, N.E. Taiwan by Matthew Fang

Stunning 4

Rock Formations – Zhangjiajie

Stunning 5

Unusual Rock Formations on the Kuril Islands, Russia

Stunning 6

The Giant’s Causeway Rock Formation

Stunning 7

Color and Texture is Amazing – B. Bochkoltz

Stunning 8

Wave Rock Formation in Arizona, New Mexico

Stunning 9

Natural Rock Formation – Fish Rock

Stunning 10

Amazing Rock Formation – Blue Canyon / Hopi Indian Reservation Land, Arizona    S. Bensimra

Stunning 11

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China – G. Lemarlec

Stunning 12

Beautiful Rock Formation

Stunning 13

The Volcanic Rocks on the Shore of Briar’s Island, Nova Scotia – B. Nikasson

Stunning 14

Danxia Landform – Melinda

Stunning 15

Geologist’s Rainbow – Petrified Rocks, Arizona – Linda Covert

Stunning 16

Sunset Through the Keyhole – Mountain Rocks, Western Kansas – D Williams

Stunning 17

Weathered Rock Formations – East Zion, Utah – D. Williams

 Stunning 18

Fly Geyser Rocks, Rich Colors Given by Minerals – D Williams

Stunning 19

Caves in Lagos, Portugal – D Williams

Stunning 20

The Weeping Eye – Antelope Canyon – D Williams

 Stunnning 21

Warraweena Sunset, Flinders Ranges, Australia

Stunning 22

Maijishan Caves, Tianshuo, China – D Williams

Sunning 23

Devetashka Caves, Bulgaria by Silvia

 Stunning 24

Spider Rock, Arizona – D Williams

Stunning 25

Cave with a View of Sheep Island at Larrybane on the Antrim Coast of Northern Island


Apache Blessing

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