Indian River County Leaders Comment on Paris Terrorism

911 in France


The people we invited to comment included our elected officials, healthcare professionals, business and not-for-profit leaders.

12 (29%) replied to the email we sent, as follows:

“World leaders have spoken out about the terrorism Friday in Paris.

We have been encouraged to solicit comments from our leaders here in Indian River County.

One distinguished reader wrote: “I am pleased that you have encouraged dialogue on this tragic matter. I look forward to reading the input of other contributors.”

Please let us know your feelings about this tragedy we will publish them.”

We are pleased to provide the comments of the 12 who replied.

Dan Lamston

Dan Lamson
Executive Director
Indian River Neighborhood Association, Inc.

“The IRNA has not had a chance to discuss the tragedy yet, but I can speak for myself and the IRNA here. Thank you for asking.

I love Paris. I was there just a few months ago and I spent some time very close to places that were attacked on Friday. These terrorist acts sicken me in heart and spirit. I hate the way Parisians suffered and continue to suffer there. I hate the waste of lives and worthlessness of the people who brought it about. They are monsters. But we can not let our hatred blind us. Those who undertook these actions should pay for it, but we need to remember the words of Martin Luther King, “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.”

The world is a large place, and Paris is on the other side of it. Terrorism can happen anywhere, as one of your readers pointed out. But I would not worry overly about Vero Beach being attacked. Be vigilant but don’t live your life in fear. Vero Beach is a wonderful place and we have a great quality of life and we shouldn’t mar that by having a cloud of fear hanging over our heads. Je suis Paris.”


Jeff Susi1

Jeff Susi, president/CEO Indian River Medical Center

“This is obviously a terrible event. No matter your race color, faith or political persuasion, the only appropriate reaction to this should be sympathy and empathy for the people of France and anyone victim to this cowardice.”


Move'em pic_edited-2

Susan Meihl, Advocate for “Citizens against the Train”

“As I wrote to friends in North Carolina today:

It is truly a sad day but the French people and particularly the Parisians need to look in the mirror this morning. They have allowed their country to be borderless, they have allowed ‘no go zones’ of Islamic enclaves, they have moved away from the Christian church in droves and have taken up the Socialist mantle giving all of their powers over to the government. Actually, 2/3 of France was under Muslim rule by the early 600’s until the Muslims started killing priests and the church finally responded. Unfortunately, they have to learn the nasty lesson all over again – this is a 1400 year caliphate that hasn’t and won’t change. There is only one way to stop a warring people.

I’m sad for any country and city that has to go through this terrible tragedy. Will this be all it takes for France and the rest of the world to wake up? And for America to wake up? Let’s hope so. Elections have consequences.

I find that Andrew Bieszad, an expert on the Islamic Religion and Christianity, has a powerful message to tell us. We need to start listening.”




“I am still processing this tragedy and do not wish to render a written statement.
Thank you for asking.”



Charles Pope, Chairman Emeritus, Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County, Inc.

“Well, we saw it coming. This could be converted into a blessing of a wake up call to take action to prevent further escalation. France, our thoughts and prayers are with you.”



Bill Penney, President & CEO
Marine Bank & Trust Company

“Thank you.
This tragedy affects us all. We hope that future plans to stop the violence will be forthcoming.”



Phyllis Frey – Leading community activist against Brightline (All Aboard Florida) the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and Seven 50.

“In December of 1997, I stood eye-level with pockmarks where bullets one month earlier had riddled the interior walls of Queen Hatshepsut’s temple in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt. The blood of 58 foreign nationals splattered over ancient murals as seven Islamic terrorists systematically gunned down their trapped victims. For 45 minutes, rounds of gunfire and brutal mutilations with knives and hatchets specifically used on women were methodically and savagely delivered. Following the massacre, the assailants fled into the Valley of the Kings where they were later found in a cave after a mass suicide.

The specific brutality that is the signature of Islamic terrorism is nothing new. In fact, terrorism has a long and bloody history owing to Islamic ideology. In the 1980’s there were 15 worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks that killed a total of 844 victims. In the 1990’s, 31 separate attacks killed 1,061 victims. In the 2000’s, 78 terrorist attacks totaled 7,158 dead, including U.S. targets at the World Trade center, the Pentagon and a downed commercial aircraft in rural Pennsylvania. From 2010 to 2014, 100 attacks yielded 4,437 dead. In 2015 thus far, there have been 79 attacks resulting in 1,497 victims, including last week’s bomb that killed 224 innocents on the Russian airliner and 129 murdered in multiple attacks in Paris. The number of maimed and injured more than quadruples this number. With a total of over 13,000 victims due to terrorist acts, it is clear that terrorism and the death toll are on the rise.

Make no mistake—this is a religious war. The Islamist Jihad calling for a Caliphate is being implemented through ideology that intends to kill all infidels who do not believe in Islam. ISIS leads the way. Where is the outcry from peaceful Muslims? With over 2 billion Muslims in the world who are presumably peaceful, 350 million of those are committed to the Caliphate. That exceeds the population of the United States. The Caliphate mandate requires that everyone accept the religion and mores of Islam. In the Middle East, Christians and non-believers of Islam are beheaded.

The geo-political consequences of the radical Islamist movement are clear. When the lights of the Eiffel Tower were extinguished this week, it was emblematic of what happens wherever terrorism reigns. A dark shroud prevails. In addition to the loss of human lives on a massive scale, the economic downturns following these events is significant. For example, in 1997 the terrorist attack on tourists in the temple of Queen Hatshepsut essentially shut down Cairo and Luxor. For the next three years, tourists stayed away from Egypt in droves. When my husband and I visited the pyramids in 1997, we were the only tourists there. I walked through the Hall of Mummies in Cairo alone. The streets of Luxor were silent save for the clip-clop sound of our horse as it drew our carriage along the empty streets. Quadruple-decker tourist river boats lay rafted three deep at docks along the Nile. Open markets were closed and remained so for years to come. Our carriage driver shook his fist in anger saying that he could no longer feed his family because of what the terrorists had done.

The current wholesale destabilization of the Middle East is succeeding as planned. The failing economies of affected countries works to the advantage of the terrorist organizations. The spread of ISIS throughout Europe is gaining momentum. With that comes not only the deaths of thousands, but aims to put an end to Western civilization, our culture and our economy. The U.S. Constitution and the freedom it protects is sheer anathema to an Islamist terrorist. The Marxist ideology of creating chaos and replacing the current system with something else is working lock step with radical Jihadists.”



Marybeth Cunningham, Trustee, Indian River County Hospital District

“I am deeply saddened by this horrific act of terrorism. My heart goes out for all of the victims, their families and loved ones. I can only hope that all nations will join together to dedicate their efforts and resources to eradicate those who commit these acts and believe in terrorism as a way of life.”


Stacy Cook, Owner, Vero Beach Marketing and publisher, Vero Vine

“Paris shows us just how easy it is to make an attack of any size anywhere. If they want to do something they can and will.”


John Kistler

John Kistler
President – Taxpayers’ Association of Indian River County

“Thank you for asking for our statement.

While the recent terrorist attacks in Paris are not a local matter, they clearly serve as a stark reminder to us all that an event like this can happen anywhere and at any time. We sincerely hope that the U.S. Government, along with other Nations around the globe, work together to eradicate those forces who wish to destroy the way of life we cherish so deeply in this great country. We must always remember our freedom and personal liberties are not to be taken for granted and that our veterans we honored just last week have faithfully served on our behalf to maintain them. Lastly, our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families who suffered so senselessly from this horrible act.”



Bob Solari, Indian River County Commissioner

“I would prefer to simply mourn the loss of life quietly and offer up my prayers for the families of those hurt and murdered.”




In searching for answers as to why the spread of terrorism is freely spreading across the world over all borders unfettered, America remains a borderless country. While France is still in a state of grief, Obama as we speak is allowing streams of Syrians to flow into Louisiana against the wishes of the Governor, B. Jindhal. This exemplifies the source of the terroristic threat to the United States. It also clearly points to the fact that our hapless president is doing nothing to stop it and continues to espouse his higher concern about global warming over global war. Benghazi was all about running guns to Syrian rebels—arming the wrong people. Which led to the first shots of WW III in France. We are at the beginning of a global crisis, all aided by the United Nations and socialists world wide. The Caliphate will destabilize Europe and spread from there. And Fascism will rise again. Russia is funding the far right players. Even as this is happening, our president is at the G20 Summit saying that ISIS is under control. Persecution of Christians and capitalists will continue.
Fascists, communists, Islamists will work with ISIS to bring down America and Western civilization.
Please understand that the current U.S. Administration has deliberately perpetuated the chaos in the Middle East. The M.E. dictators were taken down leaving a vacuum in their wake. ISIS/ISIL quickly filled in as our current U.S. regime knew they would. The entire collapse of the M.E. has been carefully orchestrated, using the agenda of the radical extremists by our State department. Why? We are now “governed” by a group of America-haters. Using the “black lives matter” movement to create divisiveness, chaos and anarchy in the streets of America, the ultimate goal of any Marxist regime is, to quote Karl Marx, “create the chaos, collapse the system and replace it with something else.” We know what the “something else” is. Obama has surrounded himself with the old anarchists of the ’60’s and placed them in office as appointees. Read: “Letters From My REAL Father,” “The Communist” or “The Shadow Party.” The players and their backgrounds are all there.
Friday was NOT a terror attack. It was the beginning of WW III”



It used to be when you had a war one side would win and the other would surrender.  ISIS has transformed this whole concept.




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