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It’s a good thing you were here to tell us why science is for communists.

I still laugh at Hillary bragging about her and Barry chasing down the Chinese at the Copenhagen sham. Can you imagine what those guys thought about two commie Americans demanding that they shut down their economy to appease two ego maniacs !! To be a fly on the wall who could speack Chinese !!!!

It’s always about power and money.

Hey you people still think the world is flat

Destroy Capitalism exactly !

Because the other systems have done so much better in medicine and improving the lives of people and the environment!

I wasn’t aware that “change” =\= “destroy”? As far as socialism goes…. Geez. You’re all retarded. “Communism shot is evil”… Except for public education, public roads, public police, public prisons, public armies… Only in America, I guess… Well, or Saudi Arabia.

For all you fools who think the world is melting – just posted scientific research (believe it or not!) that the planet’s ice is on the increase.

All you climate change believers keep drinking the purple coolaid

Purple coolaid

It’s a scam started from the mist Corrupt organization since Mafia UN. A group of corrupt jerks from around World. Screw the UN and Traitor Obama. Why is it then Al the Crook Gore Was going to make 100-300 million over this crap how much did they pay Vatican to try persuade people ????. Shut UN down house of crooks nothing more

Communism has destroyed every country it has ever been in practice in, america has been the holdout nation to keep capitalism alive, now the UN has joined hands to destroy the goose that laid the golden egg that has sustained than all for so many years. Once they’ve been allowed to complete this task, the world will erupt into full scale chaos, as it is starting to presently. Stay armed, Americans, they will come to pillage and be killed here.

All BS, this crap started thirty five years ago approximately when the governments around the world started filling the heads of people getting stoned or high on something (brainwashing) its the same you see in schools today with the teaching of five stages of islam you know the stupid religion of kill your neighbors, why would you believe the UN when it is full of leaders that hate what we as americans can do and believe in they want our money, our land and control over us because we are better at everything then any other nation in the world they help to create confusion and caos for money because where there is caos there’s money!

Who cares until the planet can no longer sustain life from all the pollution then people will wake up!

Ok let’s get this straight, CLIMATE Change is REAL. It’s a norma, NATURAL phenomenon over a long period of time, approximately 30 years. Man’s effect on it is what is grossly OVER-EXAGGERATED……The big scientific debate is to what extent man’s influence is.

If all you watch is NBC, you won’t know this :

Global warming is the biggest scam in history. It’s been proven that global warming doesn’t exist so politicians changed the name to “climate change” so they can keep pushing for unneeded regulations.

The global warming scam is not about the environment. They don’t actually care about the environment. It is a job killing scam. It is all about contriving an (environmental) excuse to increase regulation in order to shackle the successful.

There were 2 major scams.

The first one about a decade ago and the 2nd one is recent.

The original scam was revealed when secret emails between the scientists were hacked and found to reveal attempts to change data and interpretations so they could get more government grants since it will look like they were doing something important.




The 2nd and current global warming scam is even more extensive with temperature data altered at the very research facilities themselves.






Al Gore – the biggest salesman for global warming has made hundreds of millions of dollars on his global warming scam and is eventually poised to make a billion dollars off it.


Modern Liberals are anti science.

They falsify science to side with the failed, evil, and wrong.

They falsified science for gays- with the fabricated gay marriage study & by promoting the false idea in the 80’s that HIV is is also a common heterosexual disease in order to “normalize” perception of gays.

They also falsified science with climate gate – promoting the disproved global warming for the sake of ushering in socialism and communism through regulations. The environmental movement is an anti-american scam to shackle the successful and destroy America.

Leftists don’t believe in American exceptionalism. Therefore they come to the wrong conclusion that America is rich because she stole from everyone else. The environmental movement is a scam to destroy America. Leftists wrongly assume once they destroy America, all other countries will be better off.

In reality, America’s success lifts up the rest of the world, as in all ships rise with the tide.

They falsified science by claiming that Islam is a religion of peace even though the largest killing done in history was done by Islamic jihad at 270,000,000 and the second largest killing was done by atheistic communists at 100,000,000.

They also falsified the numbers on illegal immigration, welfare enrollment, voting fraud, and denied the obvious impact rising debt has on the economy.












people want to believe science they dont understand because it seems plausible and leave themselves open to all manner of political intrigue!i know there are qualified scientist on both sides of this debate,therefore when i only get one sides perspective something is dead wrong,if indeed im really hearing about it as a sincire effort to stop a problem.but i do know if it were really a problem at least something would have to be said about the industrial pollution causing it.im not hearingmuch of that at all!im hearing taxation and opulation control.im seeing politicians posing as scientist,and ive even seen investment bankers advising us aggressively on the matter.use your brain!

If the Earth’s temperature is rising right now, underwater volcanoes in Africa and Chile, volcanoes all over U.S and Hawaii, Asia and South America must be erupting right now due to steam pressure but they are not. Climate change is nothing but another form of taxation created by International governments to tax hardworking human beings.



Bill Gates

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But of course he did! Now that he has made billions he wants to close the door to anyone else!

need a free copy of Windows 10????


Why doesn’t he give all his billions away then?

How very sad…

multi billionaires like Gates, Soros, Buffett are not worried about the effects of socialism, they have enough money that their freedoms will not be compromised. Should you not be in their position, sorry about your luck.

Give me some of that socialism money you have their Bill Gates I’m poor I struggle every day to pay my bills let’s get on with your socials program let’s start by you passing your money out you can’t spend it all

We already have socialism. What do you call Social Security, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Unemployment, Education, Department of Social Services. How many of those do you want to get rid of?

Bill Gates is a sick. He made billions off out sourcing jobs to India etc. No need to Ask if he did it. Ask why he did it. ITS BECAUSE HES ALL ABOUT MONEY AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THIS COUNTRY.

Socialism is only a dirty word to the very rich, the very ignorant and the very Republican. As long as it is democratic (take a bow, Bernie) and not authoritarian, it is the logical way to address a host of issues that Democrats have prioritized. There is no reason it cannot co-exist with regulated capitalism, at least for a while.

He did not endorse socialism. Just the need for increased govt money for research and development. Something our govt does daily with other R&D. The problem being, when the govt starts putting tax payer dollars into private R&D, the research slows and they continue to need more and more money because they are so close to a solution until they are so close to that solution for 75 years…lol There is more fraud waste and abuse in a private company doing research with federal grant money. Make the private business pay for their own R&D and you’ll solve the problem faster because then they can’t afford to keep their money tied up in a solution without producing a profit. It’s simple economics even a high schooler can understand. I’m just wondering how much Gates wants from the govt for R&D that he doesn’t want to put up himself.

Of course he does, the so called intelligent elite believe the earth should be saved at all costs by controlling the masses, no religion, no individual thinking, a collective thinking and idea of how Bill Gates thinks the world should be ran. Watch the movie, Tomorrowland, you’ll understand the thinking of Bill Gates and other liberal science thinkers and billionaire’s.

Bill gates… Whose he? Move on to important stuff.








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I wish Bill Nye would get it rid of his own CO2 emissions

Its a SCAM

Those idiots

This BS just will not stop, the planet is gonna do what it’s done since the beginning of time.

It is well reported that that will send us into an ice age and wipe out humanity. Then the government can tax us even more.

What do they have to say about NASA saying the Antarctic Ice has been growing sense 1991 and is now at a record high.

these people cause more gasses just by traveling around telling us how bad we are, why does the asslyam let these people out so much being that crazy ?

Right, and the Polar ice caps will be completely melted by 2014….. Good call, Al Bore!

What a ridiculous bunch of nonsense. Any accurate computer model (not that one currently exists) would take months on a supercomputer to run. And even then, past performance is no guarantee of future results. We can’t predict the future, especially not in the frog-hair margins of long term CO2 effects.

Get back to me when you know the total solar output for the year 2035 to within 1.0%. I guarantee it won’t be before Jan 1, 2036.

Simple, in their view, kill one billion people except their group of supporters and there will be more clean water and air for them. Problem solved!

Dumbasses will fall for anything global warming is another DUMASSACRATS lies,,,Al Gore started that Shit when he invested a shit load of money in alternative energy, ,,the so called green energy, ,,,,its all a farce, ,,,or a RIP OFF by people in government, ,just to show.! !!!!!-

“How the Volcanos Changed the Climate” is an Economist Article explaining how a 200 year old eruption in Indonesia reduced the average temperature of the earth about a degree Celsius and a 3% reduction in rainfall in one year? http://www.economist.com/…/2015/04/economist-explains-8
Simple minded liberals fall for this stuff, according to the plan. When all the cars are gone, it will be “discovered” it wasn’t the combustion engine after all, it’s overpopulation. Then after all the fools have demanded a solution to the emergency, population control will begin. You demanded something be done, ok, the control of human births will be imminent. The self-proclaimed human rights supporters, will cause the end of human rights.

What a load of BS. Who’s ass did you pull these numbers from? Al Gore’s? That is 85 years from now! Your computer models have never been right even once! Not one single global warming prediction has ever come true! CO2 is not pollution! There is not a single shread of evidence it causes warming in the atmosphere. Generally, the more CO2 in the atmosphere the better. It is great for growing things. Check out some history books on what caused the renaissance.

“What Ever Happened to Global Warming”, a WSJ editorial, shows the greatest scientific fraud in at least the last hundred years caused by faulty scientific propaganda due to funding considerations. The Obama Administration’s Energy Policy based upon faulty climate models that are now proven failures has caused tremendous loss of middle class jobs and contributed to a stagnating U.S. Economy. Even the U.N. Latest report is backtracking on the severity of global warming trends and the contribution man-made CO2 has caused a warming trend in the 80s and 90s. The last 16 to 26 years have had zero Global Warming (depending on which satellite date is used). Obama Administration Climate Change Policies are purely symbolic as long as China and India have a growing coal based economies and China is at 4.7 billion tons coal consumption annually with no reductions in sight. The bottom line is man-made CO2 is a secondary factor contributing to global warming and the Obama Administration’s “War on Coal” is proving to be a failed Federal Government Policy causing great economic damage and another tragic Democratic Party policy failure. The Obama Administration is obsessed with Global Warming Policy and it should be Number 99 on the world list of 100 problems.

The only warming we won’t get from the sun is when we have a nuclear war and from that nuclear ash that will block the sunlight and darken the whole earth. So stop the global warming scam




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Bogus! God is in control and this is not how the story ends. Read the Bible!

This is the biggest crap of shit I’ve ever heard the only smog you’ll find is in the big cities and that is the cities fault too compact with skyscrapers and automobiles .

It’s all bulshit and if there was it’s because of nuclear power or underground bomb testing not because of coal but it a proven fact that our government is paying these high dollar people are paid to say what Obama wants them to say . It’s about control of the people of this country

our a moron just like the rest of the morons and anyone who is dumb enough to believe thia kind of shit should get their heads out of their asses climate change has happened since the dawn of time it will continue for as long as the earth is still here so quit trying to get idiots to believe your bullshit
Why is there a Paris summit ?
So the elite can stoke the BS claim that are #1 energy oil and gas are the culprits of weather change .
However you cannot have accurate weather predicted beyond three days .
Does not someone question their faith cult like addiction to these lies and how all of the predictions are wrong !

Because it is way for Govt to find a way to tax us more, for the politicians cronies to make more money at our expense!

If this is true, then all you self absorbed intellectuals had better stop flying around the world polluting the atmosphere with your planes, cars and air-conditioning to blow your hot air breath in everyone’s faces with your unproven theories. You are just looking for the perfect con to get out of making an honest living at producing anything tangible with all your wasted education. Shut up, idiots.

BS…. it’s a Ponzi scheme to extort money from American taxplayers… Obama gave the United Nations 150 billion dollars and percentages of that get donated to Democrat Party via online donations. Antarctica is the largest ice cap in recorded history and it is growing. according to Al Gore California should be 15 feet underwater by now but instead he bought the property at a really good price that he predicted would be underwater by 2014. it’s also an excuse to stop American energy production so we keep sending our money to the Middle East for their energy oil. even though if we are producing our oil in America would be having less pollution rather than shipping it across the ocean

The earth will warm, dry up, and huge cracks will open up through the surface releasing fire breathing unicorns who will exact justice on humanity because of the Tea Party’s environmental crimes against Madam Gaia. Do I know my stuff or what?

I’ll be dead before any global warming will show up

Whether or not its global warming or pollution or whatever technical term you want to call it there is one thing you can’t deny everything gets older and our earth is getting older mother earth is showing her age just like we all do for everything there is a season

Send your facts to the dinosaurs who lived longer than an other species with your so called climate change

why the stupid asses keep cutting down all the damn trees and creating all these damn wars. This is our mother (the earth) it sustains and supports our lives. All this renewable resources and the still have to have meetings. And if the earth is getting to hot it knows how to heal itself . Major volcanic eruptions causes global temperatures to for 5 to 7 degrees for 5 plus years.

I love the free entertainment from these liberal left wing nut jobs. They preach to the Stupid and Morons, who swallow up their claims…. what ever they maybe this week. 70’s they predicted an Ice Age was coming, 80’s they said the Ice Caps would be gone and the Oceans would of risen 10 ft by 2015. The 90’s it was a hole in the ozone. 2000 it went from Global Warming… to Global Climate Change, so anything fits the left agenda. However science showed that some 5-10 thousand years ago, the Earth was approximately 10 degrees hotter than it is today. I guess it was all the Factories , autos, trucks, trains, jet airplanes, aerosol cans, etc… back then. Interesting how NASA just released info that has been know the past decade… the ice caps are growing in size, shifting and the earth is in a cooling trend. Sounds like climate change to me…. the climate is always changing and only an idiot thinks they can influence it.

I’m sick and tired of the lies. Sad how many people have fallen for this fake paid for “science”. We have always had seasons and underneath Antarctica’s ice is grass. This has been going on as long as the earth was formed.


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  1. Questions:
    If the scientists truly believe that the sea level is rising, why are they adding rails so close to the water?
    If they truly believe that carbon dioxide is so dangerous, why are they saving the spotted owls, the polar bears, etc. and lamenting the death of Cecil the lion – they all exhale(d) carbon dioxide?
    If the government decides to tax people based on their carbon footprint, how will they determine how much/what the carbon footprint is of medical people, i.e. doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, etc.; by the people they save or the ones they allowed to die?

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