We Publish too Much Right Wing Crap?

white wing crap


Good heavens. She gives us this opportunity to state what we have tried to accomplish.

Our goal has been to cover a wide range of topics that have often times not been covered in the same fashion, or not been covered at all, by standard media outlets.

We have endeavored to blend positive “feel good” stories of local interest to the Treasure Coast with national and international areas of concern, largely suggested by our esteemed readers, whom we are proud to have loyally attached to our publication.

We have striven to be accurate and fact check our articles; however you are happy to correct a statement if it is found to be inaccurate, as one reader did when we wrote there are 140 members of the Vero Beach Fighting Indians Marching Band. In fact there are 240.

Readers have also been able to point out errors and omissions by commenting on the article(s) online.

When we publish other writers’ articles we expect them to be truthful in their statements. However, interpretation of the facts may differ from one person to another; but we hope that the facts are just that – truthful.

If someone finds the information to be wrong and has corroborating information to support their findings, we have been happy to publish their information. In fact, they are welcome to write an article for publication supporting their differences of opinion.

We have striven to encourage a free and open exchange of opinions. Through discussions like these we can all learn more about the topics themselves and the perspectives of others.

We have been bringing what Walter Lippmann believed the purpose of journalism was to do “intelligence work.” He saw the facts from which he then communicated to citizens, who were then able to form a public opinion.

We emailed Ms. H and asked what troubled her.  She replied and said she wanted to read about Vero Beach.

Our reply was to suggest she must have missed our articles on the Gifford Youth Activity Center, the Youth Sailing Foundation, the Special Equestrians, the Equestrian Foundation, Moonshot Moment, the VNA and Treasure Coast Community Health, the Mental Health Collaborative and Power Squadron oyster mats, among others.

We think she was beefed up about the two articles in the last edition on Hillary Clinton.

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