Are You More Interested in the Deep Down Inner Workings of Indian River County and Vero Beach than Real Estate, Restaurants and Entertainment?


Bob Soos


If you’re looking to be informed about the inner workings of our beloved community, tune in.

The basis for the news is our community leaders who regularly, day-to-day, speak on behalf of their own subject matter as it relates to Indian River County and Vero Beach.

Mr. Soos provides a forum for these leaders to advise us what is going on in their arena.

Would hearing from Bob Solari, Chairman of the Board of Indian River County Commissioners, the morning after a County Commissioner’s meeting, be of value to you?

How about a report from Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar once a week.

Or Vero Beach Mayor Jay Kramer speaking about the City of Vero Beach – Indian River Shores lawsuit?

Though not a complete list, others include John Kistler of the Taxpayers’ Association of Indian River County,  Jason Nunemaker, Fellsmere City Manager, Sebastian Mayor Richard Gillmor, Vero Beach City Manager Jim O’Connor and Mark Rendell, Superintendent of Indian River County schools.

The beauty of Mr. Soos’ show is that these leaders reappear in the same time slot every week, providing listeners with a continuity of coverage.

Mr. Soos emphasizes that “the less you hear of me, the better.  It is all about my guests and what they have to say. And I don’t self-servingly interrupt continuously like others in TV and Radio media. It’s their time.”

The format of The Local News Magazine with Bob Soos is that each speaker has six to seven minutes in which to update the community, which allows six people to speak each day.  “In this way speakers have to be succinct without getting into the weeds.  And listeners know they will be back next week.

How many people in Indian River County either know who their school superintendent is or have had the opportunity to feel somewhat close and personal, which is what we are offering.  Have these people ever had a fireside chat, so to speak, with the Mayor of Vero Beach?”

If you go to radio 1490 WTTB for Mr. Soos’ show, you will see images of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.  If you’re not inclined to favor them don’t despair.  What you’re seeing is the WTTB website, an affiliate of ABC Radio.

Mr. Soos has no political agenda, has no association with Mr. Hannity or Ms. Ingraham and only uses the station “to let people know what’s going on around here.  We have a certain lifestyle that people want to keep.”


Laura Ingraham by Washington Free Beacon Staff

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Mr. Soos is running for “Mayor of the Airwaves.”

“I love campaigning and I’m afraid if I win I won’t be able to campaign anymore.”

Campaigning for Mayor of the Airwaves is Bob’s way of introducing himself to the community and promoting his service.


Bob Soos “campaigning” with Freddie Woolfork, 2015 Taxpayers’ Association Volunteer of the Year Award.  Freddie is Director of Public Relations and Facility Operations for the Gifford Youth Achievement Center.

Please contact Bob Soos at

Please check him out and see if his program is more inspiring than real estate, restaurants and entertainment.


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