Update on All Aboard Florida/Brightline and a New Coalition Called “I’m All Aboard Florida.”

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There is a new coalition called I’m All Aboard Florida. Their website is http://www.imallaboardflorida.com.

We are trying to find out who is behind this. Vero Beach Mayor Jay Kramer says it comes from Rusty Roberts, AAF Vice President of Governmental Affairs.

At any rate, would you be interested in sourcing this and given the facts, publish them in your communique’ ? There could be some interesting back and forth on this for readers.

By the way, I wish you had been present at the Taxpayer Association meeting yesterday. Attorney Dylan Reingold gave a comprehensive update on our federal and state lawsuits.

Clearly we are winning. Due to coordination between our grassroots movement, our publicly elected officials and our legal departments in three counties, AAF/Brightline has been stopped in its tracks. Their original start-up date was 2014. That date has been advanced four times and is now cited as late 2017.

Fortune magazine, Bloomberg and other financial publications show that AAF is not a done deal because it is a bad deal. Investors are staying away from the bonds in droves. With lawsuits loooming over AAF, investors are moving on to better prospects. You might be able to acquire a transcript of Dylan’s presentation yesterday.

It is stunning testimony to a winning strategy for those who have resolutely dedicated themselves to the task.

Please note that we are staging a 3-county “Rally at the Rails” March 19th. More on that later as the date nears.

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Train Gang”

The lead tag line on the new imallaboardflorida website is “Join your neighbors in supporting an exciting, state-of-the-art passenger train service connecting South and Central Florida!”

The site features two people and lists 12 members.

We received an email that “the address of the physical location is the law offices of Brett Steinberg. He specializes in accident, personal injury and criminal defense. I am pretty sure he is representing whomever the clients are in fronting the physical location.

The Bill Coulson of Hobe Sound is/was a lawyer in Chicago and director of Chicago Rapid Transit Authority. He is also referenced in the site The Liberty Caucus. I have no doubt that he is a Webster type who loves trains and development and the money that comes with it.

The registration of the domain website is through GoDaddy and mediatemple.net and nothing useful is shown there. Anyone can take out a domain name and use their servers in an anonymous way, so I don’t think it is traceable without a court order. No doubt it would trace back to the law office address.

Whether AAF is providing financial support or paying for the lawyer is unknowable.”

One of the people listed as a member on the http://www.imallaboardflorida.com website is David Markarian, former Corporate Counsel and Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs of NextEra Energy/Florida Power & Light, who joined prominent boutique law firm Frank White-Boyd & Hayes, based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. as Managing Partner.

One of Markarian’s current interests is “assuring the success of All Aboard Florida,” which he believes will help foster economic growth throughout the region. “Having lived in a region served by efficient passenger rail service, I’m confident that All Aboard Florida will make a positive impact on our communities and businesses,” said Markarian.

In response to Mr. Markarian’s comments, a reader wrote “One wonders what criteria Markarian uses to define ‘efficient’ passenger rail service? Only two rail services in the world earn a profit. What is he, a Statist or a capitalist? Either way, he could not make the case for efficiency while living in the U.S. unless he was referring to an on-time schedule, in which case Amtrak’s is abysmal.”

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David Markarian


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