12 Chinese Investors Put $ 16 Million into Heralded Florida Organic Aquaculture LLC (FOA) in Fellsmere, FL. And What About Hillary Clinton’s Brother?



Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad said, “Every day more and more companies are looking to expand in Florida thanks to the exceptional business climate Governor Scott has created.”

Peter O’Bryan, Chairman of the Indian River County Commission stated, “Florida Organic Aquaculture has so many positive benefits to our entire county, including the jobs and capital investment made in Fellsmere, the global awareness of the economic opportunities in Indian River County, and as a catalyst for a natural gas pipeline expansion that will provide benefits to many local businesses and residents. This is truly a win all the way around.”

“We are thrilled to see this project come to fruition,” enthused Helene Caseltine, Economic Development Director with the Indian River Chamber of Commerce. “Florida Organic Aquaculture is a great catalyst for job creation and economic activity in Fellsmere and the entire region. The company has generated tremendous exposure for Fellsmere and our county, a perfect example of the success that can be achieved when business and government collaborate.”

According to Cliff Morris, president of FOA, the project provides a “controlled, natural and sustainable way to grow Pacific white shrimp.  The shrimp’s by-product in the water, which is not discharged into the environment, is fed to oysters that then filter it to be put into a lined open pond that grows sea asparagus.

The shrimp and oysters can be produced 365 days a year and have ten times the yield of a traditional farm.

The Chinese investors, he said, have shown great interest in carrying the sustainable shrimp-producing process back to China.”

(Source: http://www.miamitodaynews.com/news/121004/story1.shtml)

Is this further evidence of the United States being colonized by Red China?


According to the American Policy Center (30 Years Leading the Fight for American Property Rights and Sovereignty), in an article dated April 25, 2014 by Tom DeWeese, “Chinese economic power is taking a bizarre and exceptionally dangerous right turn in local American communities. America, it appears, is on the brink of being colonized, because China is fast becoming the largest land owner in America.” (Emphasis added)

This is because of a program through the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS), called Immigrant Investor Regional Centers.  Mr. DeWeese wrote that the program is referred to in “Washington-Speak” as EB-5 Centers.

He wrote that “it’s a foreign investment program pretending to be a jobs program.”

The program allows immigrants to initially gain legal residency and U.S. Green Cards for their entire family. In order to do so, they must invest $ 1,000,000 in a U.S. business or at least $ 500,000  if the business is in an area of high unemployment or a rural area.  If the enterprise in which they invest is successful and jobs are created, the applicant can apply for permanent residence.

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There are now at least 480 EB-5 Regional Centers in the U.S. Mr. DeWeese cites government reports that since it started the EB-5 visa program “has brought approximately $ 6.7 billion to the U.S and created 95,000 jobs.

Marriott and Hilton hotel chains, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Brothers have benefited from EB-5 funds, as well as the new home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and Barclay Center.  In addition to a luxury $ 630 million luxury condo project in San Francisco and the “most aggressive” Chinese project in Sullivan County, New York in the Catskill Mountains.  It is called China City, a city that will eventually cover 2,000 acres including, most alarmingly, a high school and a college.  Every province in China will have an office there.

According to a report byMichael Snyder (“Chinese Buying Land in U.S. Communities all over America”) in 2012-2013 6,900 visas were issued to Chinese nationals out of a total of 8,567 EB-5 visas issued. “In 2014, the number of applicants is 50% higher – again driven by Chinese applicants.”

Once again, according to Mr. DeWeese, the Chinese, using the EB-5 program, want to invest in ENN Energy Group’s $ 5 billion solar farm in Nevada.  Senator Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, is representing EEN in its negotiations.

Rory Reid

Rory Reid

Anthony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother and Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton advisor and now Governor of Virginia gained EB-5 funding for a car company.


Anthony Rodham

Alejandro Mayorías, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security helped facilitate the EB-5 investment in Rodham and McAuliffe’s car company and is now under investigation.


Alejandro Mayorías

Mr. DeWeese concluded his article by writing that China’s intrusion into the U.S. “is a legitimate concern when dealing with the Communist China government. While brilliant in its strategy, it is a single minded in its goal – supremacy.

Is this now what faces American cities where EB-5 investment programs are being imposed with Chinese communist money?  As a new assault by hordes of Chinese ‘immigrants’ literally invade our nation, filling housing developments and building their own cities, our culture will be affected.  Even our system of government of could change in areas where Chinese populations begin to grow and perhaps even outnumber Americans.  All from an enemy we let through the front door in a government program, based more on greed than American interests.”


Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

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  1. Well, for many years the USA has been running a billion dollar a day trade deficit with China. Flush with US dollars, the Chinese now return to the USA to invest in business and buy property.

    Robert Scheppy
    Thunderbird, 1975

  2. Exactly how many people are employed in Fellsmere at the shrimp farm? $16 million equals 160 visas. So how many visas were sold per job created?

    • China and the USA now routinely give each other’s citizens visas valid for 10 years.

      Old China Hand

  3. From all reports, jobs created at the “SHRIMP PLANT” in Fellsmere, Florida for unemployed U.S. Citizens were pitifully small in number that you can count on two hands! Just ask some of the locals….Afterall, they only had to employ TEN, U.S. workers to comply! RIDICULOUS!!!

    As the EB Agreement states…”it allows foreign nationals to become conditional permanent U.S. residents for a period of two years upon making an investment of $ 1 million, or $ 500,000 in an Targeted Employment Area (high unemployment or rural area) so long as the investment creates or preserves 10 jobs for U.S. workers excluding the investor and the immediate family. Once the job creation requirement is met, the two year conditions are removed and the EB-5 immigrant investors may obtain unconditional permanent residency.”

    JWM-concerned citizen

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