Steve Meyer: The Republican’s Should Have Moved the Location of Their 2016 National Convention to Singapore!



As is seemingly often the case, this common knowledge held by Republican campaign strategists is often flawed.

Republicans held their 2012 national convention in Tampa, Florida, which is located in Hillsborough County.

In the 2012 presidential election, the Democrat nominee carried both the State of Florida and Hillsborough County. Failing to capture Florida and Hillsborough County in the 2012 presidential election did not deter Republicans from pursuing their strategy regarding locating their 2016 national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in hot pursuit of Ohio’s 18 Electoral College votes.

The problem with using Cleveland as the location for the 2016 Republican national convention, is that Ohio, based on 2012 presidential vote margins, is more Democrat than Florida; and Cuyahoga County, the home of Cleveland, is much more Democratic than Florida’s Hillsborough County.

In the 2012 presidential election, Cuyahoga County was carried by the Democrat nominee by a 39.8% margin while Hillsborough County was carried by the Democrat nominee by a margin of just 6.7%. This suggests Cleveland will be a much more hostile place for Republicans in 2016 than Tampa was in 2012. If the strategy of placing the Republican national convention in a swing state didn’t work in Florida and Tampa in 2012, then why will the strategy work in 2016 in the more Democrat Ohio and Cleveland?

Donald Trump has already faced violent protests, even though he has not yet been officially crowned as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. It seems safe to predict that rioting will be a significant problem at the 2016 Republican national convention.


Shouldn’t Republicans, as generally law-abiding and decent citizens, try to save the residents of Cleveland, as well as their own delegates, from the unlawful onslaught that the Democrats, and their anti-capitalist cronies, will unleash in Cleveland? Isn’t it bad enough to live in a city run by Democrats. Why compound the misery?

Unfortunately its too late, but what if the 2016 Republican Convention had been relocated to another major city within the United States? There are 146 counties (or their equivalence) in the United States whose collective populations make up over half the total population of the United States. On average these high-population counties’ presidential election vote margins have shifted just under 24% in favor of the Democrat nominees based on the 24-year period between the 1988 and 2012 presidential elections. Large population centers in the United States are generally hostile to Republicans and are becoming more hostile.

So where would have a favorable location of the 2016 Republican National convention have been? The Republicans should have considered moving their 2016 Republican national convention to Singapore.


The city-state of Singapore may be the last bastion of capitalism in the world. The large cities of the United States have become, as Jefferson feared hundreds of years ago, places of idle people fermenting the downfall of the United States’ socio-economic system.

The contrasts between Singapore and major cities of the United States could not be greater. Being a capitalistic place, Singapore’s positive attributes are many; which include having a high per capita GDP, limited government, low taxes, and a lawful and vibrant populace. United States cities are generally governed by anti-capitalists, with the associated poverty, large governments, high taxes and populations which tend toward being unlawful and despondent.

Republican political strategists could also learn a great deal from the political strategists of Singapore’s People’s Action Party. The greatest lesson to be learned from the People’s Action Party is that people generally need to own property to lend political support to maintaining a capitalistic socio-economic system.


The most significant contrast between Singapore and large United States cities is the percentage of people who are propertied. Large United States cities generally have miserably low homeownership rates. For example, the homeownership rates in New York and Miami are in the low thirty-percent range. It is rare to see homeownership rates exceed 50% in any major U.S. city. Cleveland’s homeownership rate is 43.5%. Singapore, in sharp contrast, has a world-class homeownership rate of 90%.

Holding the Republican convention in Singapore would highlight the failure of the policies that the Democrats, often with Republican duplicity, have placed on the American people; and especially those Americans that inhabit our major population centers. Let Republicans save the law-abiding citizens of Cleveland from the degradation of their lives, liberty, and property which will surely accompany the 2016 Republican national convention.

Republicans; have mercy on the unfortunate residents of Cleveland and your own delegates. It’s too late but the Republican’s should have moved the location of their 2016 national convention to Singapore!

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  1. Actually, that 90% figure of home ownership in Singapore is misleading, as it consists of public housing. Thus, the so-called capitalism of Singapore has a distinct socialist flavor.

  2. In Singapore, i taught International Marketing at Ngee Ann Ploytechnic 1988-1991. The city-state has a good reputation for actually practicing free trade and being corruption free.

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