Indian River County, FL Demographics




Out of 67 counties in Florida, Indian River County is the 32th most populous, with a population of 139,351. (Source:

The four most populated areas are:

Vero Beach:    37,850

Sebastian:       22,150

Florida Ridge: 17,280

Gifford:              9,660

84% of the population is white, 11% is Hispanic or Latino, 8% is Black or African American, 3% some other race, 1% two or more races, 1% Asian,  below 1% Indian American, below 1% three or more races. (Source: suburban / 2016 – 2017).

A community in Vero Beach, John’s Island, according to has a medium income of  $ 229,686, but also cites that roughly 125 households have income over $ 500,000 and 75 have income over $ 250,000.

As of June 5, 2017 Weichert Real Estate reported seven listings on John’s Island with an estimated median price of $3,495,000.

The median home value in Indian River County is $191,600. (

Indian River County is Florida’s seventh richest county and in 2000 was the 87th richest county in the U.S. by per capita income.  (Source:

Housing markets with the highest percentage of resident CEOs and legislators were identified by the U.S. Census Bureau according to a recent article by The Wall Street Journal.  Five of the ten top spots are in Florida, including the Vero Beach market ranking No. Three.  (Source:

Meanwhile, according to, Gifford, the fourth most populated area has a median income of $ 28,590. According to, Fellsmere, another area within Indian River County has a medium income of $ 27,200.

The medium income for Indian River County is $48,344.  In Florida, according to the medium income is $55,329.

An article posted on on 10.21.2016 wrote that as of September, 2016, Indian River County had the sixth highest unemployment rate in the State of Florida.

Another demographic is education.  With an obvious income disparity, Indian River County residents are relatively well educated.  According to, a 2016 American Survey reports the following statistics for Indian River County:

No Schooling:                                2.0%

Less Than High School:             10.2%

High School or GED:                  30.3%

Some College or AA:                  31.2%

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher:  27.0%

Although reported differently, provides the following educational statistics for the State of Florida:

No High School:                           8.1%

Some High School:                    29.5%

AA:                                                12.2%

Some College:                            29.5%

Bachelors:                                   24.0%

Graduate:                                   13.1%

According to the Indian River County Supervisor of Election’s website, as of 6/26/2017 there are 29,362 registered Democrats, 50,301 Republicans, 28,163 with no party affiliation, 352 other for a total of 108,178.

Indian River County crime statistics:

                                   2011    2012    2013*    2014    2015   2016

Murder:                       5          1           4             7         2          4

Rape:                          32       17          40          24       36         21

Robbery:                    82       64          41          47       40        43

Agg. Assault:**        331     356        334       328     313      277

Burglary:               1,107     851        680       735     707      574

Larceny:                2,742   2,830     2,215    2,341 2,692   2,044

Vehicle Theft:         110       102          88         97     150      158

Total                      4,409    4,221     3,402   3,579   3,940   3,121

*Starting this year, the definition of rape includes sodomy.

**Includes forcible fondling

Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement Uniform Crime Reports

According to the Florida DJJ Office of Research & Data Integrity, as reported in January, 2017 for the period 2015 – 2016, there were 237 youth arrests in Indian River County.



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