Merchon Green: Op Ed on 6.27.2017 Indian River, FL School District Board Meeting.

Merchon green

Merchon Green / Pioneering Change


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At the School Board meeting Pioneering Change addressed the following points:

1. More transparency with how administrators are chosen and evaluated in our district. Dodgertown Elementary has been D school for at least the past three years. However, its Principal Elizabeth Tetreault was not non-renewed.

She was retained and transferred to Treasure Coast Elementary, a B school. Meanwhile, Beachland Elementary has been an A-B school at least the past 3 years and their Principal, Caroline Barker was non-renewed.

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What is the criteria for evaluating who is doing a good job and who is not? What information is being used to decide who is good for our district?  Is criteria outside of work performance being weighed heavily?

2. Dodgertown Elementary’s new Principal is currently an employee of Saint Lucie County. Why are we hiring out of district people when we have a pool of qualified, Indian River County living applicants in our district?

Why are we not promoting within? The local employees have ties to our children and this community, so why are we overlooking them and bringing in people who are foreign to our school system?

The community would like to see more transparency with hiring qualifications and selection criteria.

3. We urge the district to implore more effective marketing to put parents, students and the community on notice about events, information and programs that could aid in student success. There should be more outreach efforts from the District to the community.  Parents would like to know about programs available to their children.

4. Indian River County School Board is subpar when it comes to student achievement. The charter school grades are what is keeping the county afloat. The school system is FAILING black students.

According to FSA scores only 36% of 4th grade black students in IRCSD read on a level 3 or better. Level 3 is grade level. Last year, those same students were at 39% in 3rd grade. For 5th grade, only 33% of black students read at grade level. And 6th grade, only 20% of black students read at grade level. And those scores continue to drop as the grade increases.

What is the district doing to erase this achievement gap? What is being done to supplement learning? There is a basic level of education that each student should get, are all students receiving it?

5. Ask the Board to not automatically renew Dr. Rendells contract BEFORE they had an opportunity to review FSA scores and his current employment contract.

The school board rated Dr. Rendell a 3.4 out of 4 without having had the FSA scores and Florida Department of Education School scores.

Both Mr. Searcy and Mrs. Zorc, voted not to extend his contract without having had proper information of actual performance for the 2016-2017.  Dr. Rendell himself had suggested outside of that meeting, that they wait to decide on the issue.

However, Mrs. Justice supported by Mr. Frost pushed forth a vote to extend a contract that ALL 5 Board members stated that they had NOT read the contract and had NOT reviewed FSA scores nor received School scores.

Mrs. Justice’s call to vote was affirmed by Frost and Simchick. Thus, extended Dr. Rendell’s contract to June 30, 2019 WITHOUT having reviewed it nor any scores to accurately evaluate his progress.

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, it is time to do checks and balances. The school board YOU have elected to represent you and act in the best interest of our children is judging on personal perception and NOT job performance. This is a problem. The Superintendent works for the BOARD. The Board works for US, the taxpaying citizen. The students are our priority. That was NOT reflected last night!



Merchon Green with devoted advocate Sergio Mota

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