Alert: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is Fertilizing Crops With Human Excrement.



Apparently, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had a unique idea for farmers when they fertilize their crops, and it’s causing a wave of parasitic infections across the country: Use human excrement.

According to Yahoo News, in 2014 Kim Jong-un instructed farmers to mix human feces with animal waste and organic compost to make fertilizer for their fields. Yahoo notes, “With a lack of livestock to provide animal fertilizer, agriculturists poured the human excrement, also known as ‘night soil,’ on their fields.”

Choi Min-Ho, a professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine who specializes in parasites, told Reuters, “Although we do not have solid figures showing health conditions of North Korea, medical experts assume that parasite infection problems and serious health issues have been prevalent in the country.”

One North Korean army staff sergeant who escaped to South Korea was found to have dozens of flesh colored parasites in his digestive tract; one was 10.6 inches in length. Lead surgeon Lee Cook-jong stated, “In my over 20 year-long career as a surgeon, I have only seen something like this in a textbook.”


3 thoughts on “Alert: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is Fertilizing Crops With Human Excrement.

  1. It’s not only North Korea. Facing water shortages and escalating fertilizer costs, farmers in developing countries are using raw sewage to irrigate and fertilize nearly 49 million acres (20 million hectares) of cropland, according to a new report—and it may not be a bad thing.

    While the practice carries serious health risks for many, those dangers are eclipsed by the social and economic gains for poor urban farmers and consumers who need affordable food, the study authors say.

    Nearly 200 million farmers in China, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America harvest grains and vegetables from fields that use untreated human waste.

    Ten percent of the world’s population relies on such foods, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

  2. When you bow your heads, or whatever you might do on Thanksgiving, remember the billion and one-half souls who will spend all of their days in chronic hunger, something that few Americans will have to endure.

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