Something Just Doesn’t Seem to Add Up. Treasure Coast Compassionate Care, Vero Beach, FL.


Treasure Coast Compassionate Care seems highly regarded.

It indicates on its website that it provides “non-medical companion / homemaker services to seniors, those recovering from surgery, new and expectant mothers, and others. Options include 24 hour live-in care or hourly care.”

Recent On-line recommendations:

JULY 17, 2017
By Sally
I am a current client of this provider

We have two people from Treasure Coast who take care of my mom and they are terrific. We have a schedule, and they come when we need them. They do all the things they are asked to do. They’re helpful, knowledgeable, and kind to her. So far, we like them very much. They called me the very next day after I signed up on the internet. They came out on a weekend to meet us, and started the following week. They are very flexible.

APRIL 05, 2017
By Redmon
I am a current client of this provider. From the owner to the caregiver and back again the focus of importance is on the patient and the family and it shows through everything they do. This company has been a true blessing for my mother and me.

So why then do Treasure Coast Compassionate Care and its owner Jennifer Leatherman- Toby just not appear to add up?

To begin with, on Ms. Leatherman-Toby’s Linked In page it indicates she is the “Chair at the United Way of Indian River County, Florida.”

We called United Way and a woman said that’s not true and that her name was not familiar.

L-T - 3

Her Linked In profile also indicates she is on the Board of Directors of the Samaritan Center (spelled Semaratin).  We called the Samaritan Center and they said they do not have a board of Directors.  Their organization falls under the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach, which has a Governing Board, and she is not on it.

Is this the same Jennifer Leatherman-Toby?

L-T 1

It would seem so, as her Linked In profile also confirms her close ties to Texas and this is the car that was parked outside her rented townhouse at 3732 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach.

L-T 2

With regard to 3732 Cardinal Drive, we called Vero Beach Planning and Zoning and they confirmed that 3732 Cardinal Drive is not zoned for a business. It is zoned for multi-family housing.

We confirmed 3732 as a “principle office address” from a January 23, 2017 Florida Division of Corporations Article of Amendment to Articles of Organization.

We spoke with the owner of the 1,200 sq. ft. townhouse and there have been at least three bounced rental checks in roughly two years; including December, 2017 which had insufficient funds.

L-T Cardinal

3732 Cardinal Drive

Another thing that doesn’t add up is that on Ms. Leatherman-Toby’s Facebook page, she indicates that she is the Co-Founder/Owner of Angels of IRC. (As well as “former” Board of Directors at Semaratin Center.)

L-T Facebook

The Angels of IRC website lists the same 2732 Cardinal Drive address and indicates is it a “Non-Profit Organization.”

L-T Angels

We searched the State of Florida website and did not find any such entity.

Further, we searched for Angels of IRC on the Florida 501c3 look up site and found no such entity.

And then there’s this.  On November 20, 2017 Ms. Leatherman-Toby posted on her Facebook page that you can donate money to her charitable causes by using her personal  PayPal account rather than by a business account.  Where does that money go?


L-T paypal

Then lastly, on the Treasure Coast Compassionate Care website it lists, with a photo, Lydia Selmser Schweitzer as Director of Veterans Affairs.

On Ms. Schweitzer’s Facebook page in indicates that she manages Treasure Coast Compassionate Care.  That seems fine but it also indicates she lives in Spencer, Iowa. Her last post was November 29 so clearly posting that you live live in Spencer, Iowa is not from a two-year old post.

L- T sweit

It also indicates she works at Rentall-Spencer.


In terms of Rentall-Spencer, in Spencer, Iowa, we found a business that may be it, but the name is Rent-All, Inc., where “Our knowledge staff has lived in the Spencer area for many years and has many years of rental experience to provide you with the best service possible.”

We believe we have done our homework. It’s not easy to call people out but it seems a lot of people depend on Treasure Coast Compassionate Care and on the surface what we have reported doesn’t seem to be on the up-and-up.

You be the judge.  But saying you are Chair at the United Way of Indian River County, Florida when you’re not, it would seem to be a form of misrepresentation.


L-T photo

Free Image of Jennifer Leatherman-Toby

Publisher’s Note: According to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, any image posted with the Public setting carries the implicit acknowledgment that said photo is available for access and use by anyone.
























6 thoughts on “Something Just Doesn’t Seem to Add Up. Treasure Coast Compassionate Care, Vero Beach, FL.

  1. I do have something to say about your ridiculous article! I don’t appreciate you coming to my family’s house and taking pictures! I ll answer some questions for you! You say she still has ties to Texas like she’s in the mafia or something! Well, she does have ties in Texas! She’s from there and the car is her husbands me!! 1 stupid mistake!
    Manager working from out of state! My wife can have our manager to work from Afghanistan if we want to! That’s none of your business!
    My wife did sit with United Way and the Samaritan Center! I was there! It’s funny I don’t remember seeing you there volunteering! Like when I put down 51 yards of mulch for the Samaritan Centers playground, cooking Christmas breakfast for them either! Oh wait that was my family that did that! Or putting baby cribs for the church daycare! Come to think of it I don’t remember seeing you when the radio station, my family, friends, and the whole Indian River community gave relief to Texas! Did you drive the trucks there! Nope! But leave it to someone like you to destroy it! Keep being a keyboard warrior or be a man and come interview me face to face! You broke my wife’s spirit! And that I can’t have! If you do come to my house unannounced again! It wouldn’t be a good day for you and your business! I’m already cutting ties with anyone that has anything to do with you blogging! So you can take your article down and retract you statements like you say in your information page of who you are! PS leave my family alone!

    • Dear Mr. Tobey,
      Thank you for your comments. We welcome you to specifically refute any of the “specific” material included in our article. In each case please identify why we reported inaccurately and we will be happy to stand corrected and report accordingly. Please advise.

  2. Like I said! You are nothing but a keyboard warrior! How can you write an article about someone and not interview them. Sounds shady to me!
    Why take a picture of my car and my house? Why put to good clients post up at beginning of your article and than say we don’t add up! I ll tell you why! Cause you wanted to pull people in to read this tasteless article! I ll give you a word of advice! Before bashing a company, try interviewing them first! That’s what don’t make sense to a lot of professionals around this community when they read your article! One sided if you ask them. Like I said you almost broke her spirit with your stupid article! You can be a gentleman and get her side of story . That’s a professional! Or keeping writing one sided stories! That’s a keyboard warrior! Every time I come home from Texas I’m doing some kind charity event or helping a person in need. So to answer your article sir! Are we for real ! Yes!

    • Chad, I did prove it all to be lies. Let the attorneys handle it. Him and his friend are looking awful to the community right now. This was personal, we all know it. He aimed to hurt me and it worked. The good thing is, as usual the community is rallying behind us, again. I hope Thomas and Sherry have a nice Christmas.

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