Update on Treasure Coast Compassionate Care, Vero Beach, FL.

One week ago tomorrow, November 12, 2017 we published a controversial article on how something just doesn’t seem to add up at Treasure Coast Compassionate Care (TCCC).


This is to bring you update on what has transpired since that date.

Almost immediately after publishing the article, we began to receive extremely negative comments from five people associated with the TCCC with respect to the article we published; as well as comments being posted on Founder/Owner Ms. Jennefer Weatherman-Toby’s Facebook page, as well as our own page by these five people.

We have tried to capture the most salient comments from these five people:

  • Jennifer Weatherman-Toby: “Wow… not ONE of the statement in this article is fact!”
  • Another comment:  “I am really amazed. First, the information in this is 100% wrong. I’m not sure what me living in Iowa matters, second who ever did their research, did a unsuccessful job.” [VC wrote: “we found a business that may be it,”]
  • Jennifer Weatherman-Toby:  “I’m very very sad that someone would take the time to create such ugliness about an effort that will affect so many in such a positive way.”
  • Another comment: “…you and your online garb look uncredited, and in-humanitarian. So many in need, and to focus your energy like this makes me sad.”
  • Another comment: “This is absurd! Get your facts straight, buddy!!”
  • Mr. Toby: “I’m already cutting ties with anyone that has anything to do with you blogging! So you can take your article down and retract you statements like you say in your information page of who you are!”
  • Another comment: “I did prove it all to be lies. Let the attorneys handle it. Him and his friend are looking awful to the community right now. This was personal, we all know it. He aimed to hurt me and it worked. The good thing is, as usual the community is rallying behind us, again. I hope [they] have a nice Christmas.”

Mr. Tobey is correct. We do have an information page with states that: “If someone finds the information to be wrong and has corroborating information to support their findings, we have been happy to publish their information.”

Mr. Tobey said: “Like I said! You are nothing but a keyboard warrior! How can you write an article about someone and not interview them. Sounds shady to me!”

Then we wrote:

DECEMBER 9, 2017 AT 4:16 AM
Dear Mr. Tobey,
Thank you for your comments. We welcome you to specifically refute any of the “specific” material included in our article. In each case please identify why we reported inaccurately and we will be happy to stand corrected and report accordingly. Please advise.
Vero Communique.com

His November 9 response was: “You can be a gentleman and get her side of story . That’s a professional! Or keeping writing one sided stories! That’s a keyboard warrior!”

We did not reply.

As for Ms. Leatherman-Toby posting as the Chair at the United Way of Indian River County and a Board Member of the Samaritan Center:  “I sat on the BOD for Semaritan Center for Homeless families 2009/2010 , I sat chair for United Way as well. Chair means you sit amongst your peers in the community to vote to allocate funds to charitable organizations who are requesting it.”

As for timely rent payments, we received an image of this check:

J-T Check

As for personal PayPal account, no comment.

As to the 501(c)3 entity Angels of IRC, no comment.

As to a business address at 3732 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, zoned for multi-family housing, Ms. Leatherman-Toby provided a copy of this certificate, commenting that: “You are more than welcome to logon and see my previous address was it 2732 Cardinal Dr. and now it is the Ocean Drive address. Not only with the county but with the state of Florida.”

LT Ocean Drive

This document has no address, but we can confirm that late in November 2017 TTCC did change their address to 2855 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach.

The last posts by Ms. Leatherman-Toby on her Facebook page, presumedly meant for us, include these photos.

L-T UHul

4 Uhaul heading for Houston we took for Hurricane Harvey

L-T Food

44 families fed for Thanksgiving

L-T Gowns

Gowns bought for seniors

L-T More gifts

More gifts for seniors


L-T Coats

Coats for kids with no coats for winter.

This is our update for those of you interested in the subject.

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