As a Quadriplegic, Now You Can Cruise Around Town in a New Convertible Corvette, on Your Own, Using a Robotic Device from a Local Vero Beach, FL Business.

AAD Corvett

Allen Garrett in his Convertible Corvette

Access-Able Designs, a local Vero Beach, FL business has created game-changing mobility solutions for the physically disabled, from handicap bath benches, grab bars, portable folding bariatric lifts to other handicap accessible products designed for residential and commercial use.

But here’s a product that changes the game forever. A robotic wheelchair lift that allows a wheelchair user to drive solo and be completely independent.

According to Allen Garrett, CEO of Access-Able Designs, Vero Beach, “We give someone who is physically disabled a lot of freedom. Now a quadriplegic with low self esteem from being in bed and in a wheel chair, who depends on people to help them with their mobility, can buy the car of their desire, cruise around town, drive independently and have a blast.”

The Robotic Arm Lift (RAL 1000), as it is called, will retail for $ 6,995.00 and attached to a standard trailer hitch; so you are no longer limited to large boxy vehicles that require $ 15,000 – $ 25,000 in equipment to make them accessable.

Here is a YouTube video on how the patented robotic wheelchair works.


These images show the car lift to give you the idea of how the robotics brings it to the door and then how it will carry the lift behind the car.

AAD Camaro Lift 4-2


AAD Car 2

Allen says: “The rollout of the robotic wheelchair is on hold until we can get the funding to introduce these game-changing products properly.  I really need to connect with an investor who has the heart for this type of product, but I haven’t exhausted all the conventional-type loans yet.”

Access-Able Designs even has a robotic system to raise and lower you in to your speedboat.

AAD boat

Allen Garrett’s speedboat

Here’s another game changer. A portable air mattress overlay that fits on any mattress and turns the user side-to-side for comfort and pressure relief.

There are millions of disabled individuals without the ability to turn themselves in bed, and skin breakdown can be a devastating and even a deadly outcome of not turning enough.

Many people have made their mate, or hired a nurse to turn them every three hours and stuff pillows behind them to stay in the new position.  This is an expensive and difficult task that must be done daily.

But with Allen’s Rotational Air Mattress, a push of a button turns the person gently and quietly to the other side.  Nurses and helpers all over the Nation will be applauding the unveiling of this product.  For many individuals there will be no more need for a hospital bed in the home, as this works on any standard bed, even on one side of a king-sized bed without disturbing the person on the other side.

Approximately 20 years ago Allen Garrett took a 25 foot swan dive into 2 feet of water, which caused him to see life from a drastically different point of view.  Upon impact, his head was skeletally disconnected from his torso and he literally crushed three vertebrae in his neck (C-5, C-6 and C-7).

He says: “thanks to God, a skilled neurosurgeon and the outstanding rehab team, I regained enough mobility to live a productive life.”

He subsequently worked as an Independent Living Center Counselor where he began to realize the need for wheelchair users like himself to become involved in designing equipment manufactured for their use.

AAD Allen

Allen Garrett is a quadriplegic.  He is paralyzed from the chest down, with very limited to almost no use of his hands.  He knows from personal experience the amount of danger and frustration other physically disabled people face on a daily basis… especially in the bathroom.  Even ADA “upgraded” facilities proved to be inadequate for persons in my situation.  It is for this reason he became proactive and created a number of solutions for the physically disabled.

For the last 23 years, Access-Able Designs has been selling shower and bathtub transfer benches, dressing benches and pool lifts, and they have been instrumental in helping hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, cruise ships, airports, convention centers and even homeowners to meet and/or exceed the ADA standard for their handicapped access facilities.

AAD Pool

This is an automated system to automatically lower a disabled person into a pool.

In 2012 Allen received a call from a very prominent international hotel who had chosen one of his tub seats for all their properties.  Business was booming for a few years that afforded Allen the ability to invest in his new inventions.  Two engineers and four years later, have brought about a few products that are going to help millions of people all over the world.

.AAD Chair

Tub Benches

Please visit to see all the innovative mobility products Mr. Garrett has designed for the physically disabled.

“The inspiration I believe God gave me to design accessible equipment started out as a desire to make my own life easier, however, as is always the case with God, His purposes are always about others. If you could only know the fraction of the many testimonies I have received over the years, you would know that GOD IS SO GOOD!

AAD new one






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