Seeping Water. A Message to Vero Beach, FL.


Vero Communiqué recently received this video from a man attending the Blue Angel’s air show on Sunday April 22, 2018 showing water seeping up from the ground.  The location is the corner of US1 and 30th Street.

This video is being emailed to the Indian River County Utility Department in the event they are unaware of the situation.

Please let us know if you have any trouble clicking on the video.

UPDATE: The County says it is a City of Vero Beach issue and the City says it “it is a flowing well. Turned it over to the health dept. to handle since it is on private property.”


We had a comment on our Facebook page asking: “Why is this news?”

For one, here is a fellow from St. Lucie County filming what might be an overlooked water leakage and taking responsibility for reporting it to the media.

We think that is news.

Another one is that the incident of the seepage was responsibly and quickly discussed by City and County and the Health Department took responsibility and is investigating the seepage.

We think that is news.

The eventual outcome will be news.

And here is further news as it relates to this article.






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