Vero Beach, FL Farmers Market is Subject to Misinformation; Upsetting Many.


On August 24, 2018 Vero Communiqué received an anonomous comment:

“The county has voted rather sneaky out of season and in the mid of night to move the farmers market into the park grounds from the parking lot which will displace many vendors and reduce profits that will hinder other OBA events like Sunset Saturday. 

The complaints are from few who now have ears of new county members. Most businesses are in favor of the farmers markets including realtors, other shop owners etc. The parking issues are much more deep rooted than the farmers market for a couple hours on Saturdays only. 

The decision has already been made and effective immediately without the OBA being present for vote. The community should be informed of this decision.”

We quickly asked City Counselor Laura Moss if this was the case.  Her response came within an hour:

“Regarding the email, I do not know who “Anonymous” is. Presumably, the email refers to City Council, not “the county”. Parking vis-a-vis the farmers’ market was discussed near the end of the 5-hour meeting on 08/21. No “vote” was taken on the farmers’ market. The Council did decide to place “Parking” on the Agenda for the next meeting on 09/04. I myself am in favor of the farmers’ market. Laura”

Then today, August 30, on page 10A the Treasure Coast Press Journal, there was an article entitled “Farmers market kicked out of oceanside parking lot.”  

According to the article, “It was in the midst of discussing the beachside parking issues that the council decided to kick the farmers market out of the parking lot, limiting it to the sidewalk near Humiston Park or the park itself…”  A representative of the Oceanside Business Association “said a group plans to ask the council… to reconsider.”

In response to this misinformation, Ms. Moss again quickly replied:

“No vote was taken, Tom. I just read the Minutes of that meeting, which will be uploaded to covb.orgshortly. Some of the Council members expressed that opinion, but the Council must vote on any actual policy change. The discussion took place at the very end of the last meeting if you wish to check the video or Minutes. As stated previously, I myself am in favor of the farmers’ market and am a weekly customer. Laura”






One thought on “Vero Beach, FL Farmers Market is Subject to Misinformation; Upsetting Many.

  1. The sad thing is – it wouldn’t surprise people if they had voted on moving the market at the last meeting. There’s a troika of Howle/Zudans/Sykes who are ignoring all calls for taking time to review all vacant properties and parks in order to make a long range plan for sale or lease and are going full steam ahead to sell or lease anything and everything. In fact, I believe Zudans started one meeting not too long ago by suggesting just that, he then continued to push for the leasing of the River House to a brewery. Now the three are ignoring all pleas for slowing the process. It’s a terrible thing when the voters are ignored.

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