“Politics Do Not Belong in our Schools Especially in the Current Divisive Climate.”

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“Nonpartisan elections by definition preclude the recruitment of candidates for school board by their political parties.” (The Politics of School Board Elections by Joseph H. Cronin; The Phi Delta Kappan.)

“Politics do not belong in our schools especially in the current divisive climate. The school board’s main concerns should be our children’s education not a political platform.” (The action network.)

Yet, as it relates to the campaign for school board in The School District of Indian River County, FL between Merchon Green and Jackie Rosario, Vero Beach resident Susan Mehiel made politics the issue, a public record, as below.

“Liberals have highjacked our school system and Merchon is a liberal.  They’ve rewritten our history and civics texts and infused the language arts with liberal ideology.  We can’t have Merchon or any other liberal on our school board.  We need people who will demand transparency from the Superintendent and efficiency in spending.  We need Jackie Rosario.”




In response: “Clearly you don’t pay any attention to board meetings.  Merchon has been holding the Board and the Superintendent accountable for the past few years. Rosario was FIRED by the District [her contract was not renewed in 2013…et al above].

BTW save your liberal talk because it makes you sound foolish.

Its time to keep politics out of education and actually educate the students.”


Ms. Mehiel is “NOT a member of the REC – the official GOP organization in the county.”

In her email, Ms. Mehiel did NOT send the Republican Executive Committee the fake facial representation of Ms. Green, with uncorroborated and undocumented distortions, perhaps slanderous, about her background.

But there is a fake facial representation of Ms. Green being circulated online with nasty language. That post was NOT circulated by Ms. Mehiel.

One fake site we found slandering Ms. Green with false documents was taken down, only one day after it was put up.

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One thought on ““Politics Do Not Belong in our Schools Especially in the Current Divisive Climate.”

  1. I agree that politics do not belong in our school board in Indian River County. However, having said that both sides have been running pretty petty campaigns. For instance, Rosario was not “fired”, she was non-renewed. There was much discussion over her publicly splattered 30 year record in which there was one reprimand. Most people would have some sort of issue in a 30 yr work span but most would not have it printed in the news. Then there was the Facebook post of Ms. Green’s supposed shoplifting a few decades ago. Again, what relevance would this make on her ability to serve today? People on both sides need to stick to the FACTS and both candidates abilities to serve the School District of Indian River County and stop playing games like outgoing Shawn Frost. Haven’t we had enough of that to last us a lifetime? It’s time to move on folks!

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