Susan Mehiel: When You Can Take Politics out of School Board Races, Let Me Know How You Did it.




Regarding politics in School Board races. I find it hard to understand how one could take politics and political parties out of the school board races.

It’s no secret the teachers unions and state school board associations across the country have been controlled by Dem/liberals.

It’s no secret that Dem/liberals have been against charter schools, school choice, home-schooling and voucher programs.

It’s no secret the Dems/liberals were responsible for creating Common Core and that Globalist Bill Gates spent millions pushing CC and UN education policies and made millions from the education software his company developed for schools around the world.

It’s no secret that RINO JEB Bush and his NGO made millions from pushing the implementation of CC across the country.

It’s no secret Dem/libs infused school curriculums with their Climate Change ideology, screwy math, liberal Language Arts and pushed for the classics removed from reading lists.  AND CC has been shown to be ruining education – test scores are declining throughout the country.

It’s no secret the Dem/libs pushed to remove prayer from schools, all mention of Christianity and are trying to stop the Pledge of Allegiance.

And it’s no secret the Dem/liberals attacked Betsy DeVos from the minute she was appointed Secretary of Education by President Trump, so much so they ran her off school property in a despicable manner….You want to take politics out of education…

 If people who care about the future of this country, in particular parents, don’t look at the political leanings of the school board candidates before voting, they will be sadly surprised when their local school board members are pushing bad curriculum, testing and data collection. If they have any interest in how and what their kids are being taught, they should look at the politics of the candidate as well as their credentials. 

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4 thoughts on “Susan Mehiel: When You Can Take Politics out of School Board Races, Let Me Know How You Did it.

  1. On top of several inaccuracies in your little rant, it’s no secret republicons want to destroy public education and replace it with a private system that monetizes your tax dollars into profits for charter school corporations.

  2. John Graham: Actually, Trump’s Republicons want to monetize everything, from education to the National Parks. Access to all things that benefit the common good will be reserved for the very wealthy. Of course, if Trump keeps on destroying environmental protections, all these private sector assets will be flushed down the toilet along with the common good.

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