National Press Club Protests White House Treatment of Reporters.


November 9, 2018: National Press Club leaders expressed outrage Thursday at President Donald Trump’s escalating attacks on the press and the White House’s revocation of a reporter’s credentials.

Club President Andrea Edney said:

“The president’s personal attacks on reporters, especially on CNN’s Jim Acosta, during a Nov. 7 news conference were unprecedented and beneath the dignity of the office.

The president and his aides have suggested they are aggrieved only by certain segments of the media, not all of it. But the Fourth Estate stands as one. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us.”

Barbara Cochran, president of the National Press Club Journalism Institute, a non-profit arm of the Club that conducts press-freedom and professional-development programs, said:

“The press’s job is not to report things as positively as possible but to report things as truthfully as possible. We make mistakes; but when we do, we promptly correct them.

Most presidents in our history have bristled from time to time at tough coverage. But no previous president has shut out or publicly demeaned individual reporters and news organizations. The First Amendment protects the press from government control precisely so that the public has access to information reported truthfully and unconstrained by fear of government reprisal.”

Edney also said: “After the press conference, the president’s performance was exacerbated by White House aides. They revoked Acosta’s press pass without reasonable cause. Then, in a new low, they justified it by falsely accusing Acosta of inappropriately roughing up a female White House intern–and then sought to substantiate the charge by circulating a doctored video of the event.”

The Club, founded in 1908 and based in Washington, D.C., is the world’s leading professional organization for journalists. Through its Press Freedom Committee, the Club defends transparency and free expression around the world.

Contact: John M. Donnelly, Chairman, NPC Press Freedom Committee, 202 650 6738




3 thoughts on “National Press Club Protests White House Treatment of Reporters.

  1. The NPC is a disgrace.

    Mr. Acosta is a disgrace. He is a bully, rude, and displays a level of incivility unmatched by anyone.

    Whatever happened to “decorum”?

    The “usual suspects” in the “press” fuel the flames of hatred, division, and “resistance” to a point that is seditious.

    Normal people recognize the enormous accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump and are appreciative… just a few:

    Tax cuts that repatriated billions from company operations overseas.
    Tax cuts that created opportunities for new jobs.
    Job growth that has dropped unemployment, food stamps, and welfare to the lowest numbers in many decades.
    Improved foreign relations and sticking up for the USA in trade arrangements to the USA isn’t drained by enormous annual trade deficits.
    Dramatically reduced tensions with N. Korea, who is now in reunification talks with S. Korea.
    Letting the rest of the world know that the USA doesn’t owe them a thing and, to the contrary, they must pay their “fair share” for our military protection that so many of the rely upon.
    … there are many more.

    These have all helped make life better, increased economic activity and new industry in the USA to levels where his predecessor claimed could never be attained again.

    And the NPC finds it appropriate to defend the indefensible actions of a complete zero when it comes to journalism?

    It shows how highly politicized and dedicated the Left has become…. they would rather destroy this nation than improve it. Because Obama-Hillary were in the process of destroying it with their politically-correct straightjacket of conformity that the Left demands while they systematically politicize the federal bureacracy and use their “end justifies the means” approach to destroy ever traditional facet of American life.

    Make no mistake, the Left is at war with the USA and they fight dirty, they lie, and they won’t ever stop until someone makes them stop.

    Articles like this NPC rubbish are a disgrace and just a part of the problem, not the solution.

    Finally, NOBODY, particularly a 3rd rate hack like Mr. Acosta working for fake news CNN has a RIGHT to be present in the White House. Even the President must be elected to reside there.

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