Creative Fiction by K. L. Cogar, a member of the Glendale Elementary, Vero Beach, FL “Young Authors Club.”  Miss Cogar is in fourth grade.  The Young Authors Club has published its’ December Magazine, available at the Vero Beach Book Center.

Once upon a time a beautiful dragon lived in a wonderful cave in the side of a mountain. She just so happened be an Ice Dragon named Jewel. She was almost old enough to go hunting on her own.

One day she met her friend Flame who was going to help her on her first hunting trip. She was very excited to go.

Meanwhile, Lightning, another friend, was at his cave with his little sister when he overheard people coming to the cave. He went to the back of his cave with his sister and went to Jewel’s cave. Flame saw Lightning and asked what had happened. Lightning said ‘’people had come to his cave’’.

Then Bolder, another friend, came down and said ‘’we will have the guards go scare them off’’.

Bolder was an Earth Dragon in the Royal Family and was having a sleep over with Jewel because he is her brother and he misses her.  She decided to live outside of her Kingdom.

The guards went on this task but they failed. One said the people were dragon hunters and had taken the King Dragon.  Meanwhile the hunters had gone back to the village and had people pay one dollar to see the dragon and five dollars to touch him. King did not like this, probably because he was in the net.

A group of teens were planning to get the dragon home.  They needed no explanation except they loved dragons. That night the boys cut King free.

The next day they went to the village elder for help and she said ‘’that the village had dragons of their own and the only way to stop their fear was to get them to love dragons. That night the boys got all the kids to help and convince the village to love dragons.



Earth Dragon

The Glendale Young Authors’ Club is made possible by the School District of Indian River County Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum, Glendale Elementary administration and http://www.verocommunique.com, a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Online News Organization.  The after-school curriculum meets 13 of the 43 Florida Language Arts Standards: “READING STANDARDS FOR LITERATURE.”

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