I am a Fifth Grader and Here Are My Concerns About School Safety.


By: Areana M. Neil

[This article was submitted several months ago to Mr. Adam Neil, Editor, TCPalm/Treasure Coast Newspapers.  With no response at all, even though Areana sent it herself in a hand written envelope with a cover letter, we are publishing it here.]

It was after many school shootings, schools have decided to improve their security to make sure that kids in their schools were safe.

Per Wikipedia, “In the US, as of January 2018, since 1990, at least 240 shootings have occurred.” It also says “Vandalism is often a problem for schools as they are an easy target”.

It’s not just shootings that concern most adults, they fear things such as “bombings, vandalism, bullying, resource officers, surveillance, security fences, references and safety threats’’.

Another sentence from Wikipediais “The National Center for Education Statistics reports that in the US, 20.8 % of students ages 12-18 experienced bullying at school in 2014-15”.

The last piece is “As we rise in gang and drug activity among other safety threats in our schools, there has been an increase in police presence on school campuses”. These cases are very sad indeed, but as students we need to help others in need even if you need assistance.

Both shootings and bombings can be dangerous as both include weapons that can harm many life forms such as teachers, students, and any other staff that’s located in the facility.

Per Wikipedia, “It’s over 450% increase of the previous 30 years, in which there were only 53 shootings”. Bombings can also not just cause harm to the life forms inside the facility, it can also spread and harm or kill others around the area as well.

Once again, according to Wikipedia, “Metal detectors are installed at many entrances of public schools to deter students from bringing weaponry into schools”.

Vandalism and bullying are other obstacles schools must face.  Please help us.





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