Phyllis Frey: Vero Beach, FL Implements Progressive Agenda.


Certain local politicians who tag themselves as Conservatives and patriots are implementing redevelopment plans for the city of Vero Beach that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would love.

 While the public remains fixated on the Socialist agenda unfolding on a national level, Progressive plans are being implemented locally. As Obama’s Green Czar and self-avowed Communist Van Jones emphasized, “It’s top down/bottom up.” 

 The Progressive, unelected bureaucrats of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council were invited by our city council to insert its policies for social engineering into our Comprehensive Land Use 2035 Plan. Bypassing local input, these 586 laws control all housing and transportation, how and we we live, develop and travel for the next 18 years. As staunch supporters of Virgin Trains, they want us to live in high density stack-and-pack, mixed use developments centered around train hubs, forcing us out of our cars and into mass transit, for the benefit of developers.

 Our city council opened its arms to the TCRPC consultant Dana Little, who was sent to reengineer Old Downtown. He stated, “It’s all about modifying local codes to achieve maximum density for developers.” 

 On March 20th, 2019 behind closed doors at city hall chambers, without the public’s knowledge, without our input, without our consent, but with our tax dollars, a decision was made to select Andre’ Duany’s DPZ CoDesign Group to bypass public input for a pre-selected design and development for the Three Corners. In order to make the public believe that it is participating in the process, Duany’s facilitators will begin a series of charettes (charades) designed to make the public believe we have input and choice in the future of  the Three Corners. Nothing could be further from the truth.  

[DPZ Website:  Our philosophy is the platform of New Urbanism, a movement promoting mixed-use, traditional neighborhood planning over the segregated-use suburban sprawl seen worldwide. Co-founders of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), DPZ’s principals have been longtime advocates of urban growth through compact, pedestrian-oriented, transit-friendly communities that continue to shape policy and have recently influenced new sustainability codes.]

Using a tecnique developed by the RAND Corporation in the 1950’s, charettes are conducted to guide groups of people into accepting a point of view imposed upon them, while convincing the public that it was their idea. Surveys are designed to reach a pre-determined outcome. Simply put, this is a propaganda and indoctrination scheme to sell a company’s product to increase its bottom line. In this case, it is being used to enrich planners and developers who will exploit our land at Three Corners.

 Through the charette process, the public will be steered into thinking that they want mixed use development at Three Corners. Mixed use zoning achieves maximum density for developers. It combines commercial, retail, entertainment, bars, restaurants, and industrial construction in conjunction with compact, compressed and clustered high density population development.

 Independent local workshops have proven that the public does not want mixed use development. Published in TCPalm and 32963, it showed that 300 participants listed 23 preferences. Of these, 14 had to do with waterpark, marina, water-related activities with open, environmentally friendly green spaces and parkland. Duany’s Progressive plans will use charettes to undermine what the public wants. The DPZ CoDesign Group facilitators will manipulate the outcome to guarantee mixed use development at Three Corners. 

 On April 2nd our city council will decide whether or not to approve the DPZ CoDesign Group. Politicians who approve these plans to enrich their developer friends and funders will get re-elected, the planners and developers will grow wealtheir, the taxpayers will be none the wiser and the public will lose its land.

 In the words of Saul Alinskly, “The ends justify the means.”


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Andres Duany Work

Phyllis Frey was a FAA Safety Check Airman and line Captain for Comair, the largest Regional Airline in the U.S. in the 1980’s, the Delta connection.

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