Have You Noticed the Beautification of Gifford, FL’s “Main Street?”


Martin Luther King Boulevard (45th Street) Improvements

Have you seen the beautification of 45th Street (a/k/a Martin Luther King Boulevard)? One of the main desires of Gifford residents to beautify 45th Street has been undertaken.

45th Street is Gifford community’s “Main Street,” an east-west collector road corridor that traverses the heart of Gifford and provides access to a range of institutional, commercial and residential uses.

As part of the Gifford Neighborhood Plan, in 2013, Indian River County (IRC) applied for and received a State Technical Assistance Grant to develop a landscape/streetscape design for 45th Street between 43rd Avenue and US 1.

The Gifford Neighborhood Plan is a grass roots effort by the Progressive Civic League of Gifford, Indian River County Board of County Commissioners, and, most importantly, the people, community groups, and institutions in the Gifford area. The website was created as a convenient way for the public to follow the development of the plan. Visit the Website

The Gifford Neighborhood Plan addresses these geographical locations.


The landscape design project was conducted with input and in coordination with Gifford residents and the County budgeted $350,000 for 45th Street landscaping, and more funding may be appropriated.

Overall, there has been an expressed need for continuous sidewalks along 43rd Avenue, 41st Street, 45th Street, and 49th Street.


New continuous sidewalk and with sod

The County Public Works Department is repairing, connecting, and constructing the sidewalk along 45th Street, from 43rd Avenue to U.S. #1 and by 2021 along 45th from 43rd Avenue to 58th Avenue.  The County will seek to install segments of a 45th Street sidewalk between 43rd Avenue and 58th Avenue prior to 2021.

By 2020, the County Public Works Department will resurface 45th Street from U.S. #1 to 43rd Avenue.


Culverting the canal on the south side of 45th Street


A beautified Martin Luther King Highway




















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  1. I understand that there are some grants paying for this but there are always matching or other county funds involved. Do those funds come out of MSTU funds or General Fund funds?

  2. Mark, This is a joint venture between Community Development ( Stan Boling -Director) and Public Works (Rich Spyzrka-Director).

    Rich May be the best person to talk to/with regarding the project. 772.226.1234

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