“White House Revokes Press Passes for Dozens of Journalists.”


As reported in the Columbia Journalism Review by Mathew Ingram / May 9, 2019

IN WHAT APPEARS TO BE an unprecedented move, the White House revoked the press passes of a significant chunk of the Washington press corps because they didn’t meet a new standard, according to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.

Under the new rules, rolled out earlier this year, in order to qualify for the highest level of access—known as a “hard pass”—journalists had to be present in the White House for at least 90 days out of a 180-day period. According to Milbank, virtually the entire press corps failed to meet this new test, including all six of the Post’s White House correspondents.

Media outlets then had to apply for exceptions to cover their senior journalists, or settle for six-month passes, which don’t allow as much access.

The Post applied for and was granted exceptions for its White House correspondents, Milbank says, but he was not given one.

“I strongly suspect it’s because I’m a Trump critic,” he wrote on Wednesday. “The move is perfectly in line with Trump’s banning of certain news organizations, including The Post, from his campaign events and his threats to revoke White House credentials of journalists he doesn’t like.”

Milbank noted that, since dozens of senior correspondents didn’t meet the new standards either, “they all serve at the pleasure of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders” and
“therefore, in theory, can have their credentials revoked any time they annoy Trump or his aides.” (The White House press secretary told the Post the move was a result of security concerns, not a desire to crack down on specific journalists.)


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One thought on ““White House Revokes Press Passes for Dozens of Journalists.”

  1. It isn’t because they are “Trump critics”… it’s because they are dishonest.

    The echo-chamber of fake news “journalists” that have overtaken the Washington Press Corps has reaped their just reward.

    And now they’ll try to make a big story out of their being caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

    Sob, sob.

    Had they done an honest job, they wouldn’t have had their passes revoked.

    For example, how about a little investigative work on the connections of the Soros machine to the operatives working Central Americans to encourage their joining caravans heading to the USA?

    Or how about an investigation of the routine well-coordinated brain-washing technique of repeating the same daily phrase (latest was “constitutional crisis” (ironic coming from people who have no real understanding of our Constitution)?

    Or some real investigative work of how Hillary Rodham Clinton went free after more than 100 counts of violations of national security laws, obstruction of justice (destroying evidence under subpoena), and collusion with foreign agents to influence a presidential election (paid for the Steele dossier fiction)?

    There are a lot of good stories to investigate, but these “fake news” purveyors of the Washington Press Corps look the other way and promote fiction.

    They deserve more than the loss of their WH press pass. What they’re engaged in is criminal deceit and inciting the public.

    The truth will be known.

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