Correcting an Article in 32963 on 2732 & 2734 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL.


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On September 27, 2018, a City of Vero Beach (COVB) trash truck ran into the Southeast corner of the garage attached to 2734 Cardinal Drive in the Central Beach area of Vero.

This accident irreparably damaged the garage at 2734 AND the carport (they are structurally attached) of 2732 Cardinal Drive. The driver for the COVB was cited for Careless Driving.  It is now almost the end of June with no resolution to repair the damage.

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Here are corrections to the June 13, 2019 article in 32963, entitled “CENTRAL BEACH TOWNHOME RESIDENTS CAUGHT BETWEEN CITY AND LANDLORD.”  32963 is weekly and online newspaper serving the Vero Beach barrier island.

2nd paragraph:  “The smashed garages located at 2732 and 2734 Cardinal Dr., are leaning precariously toward the parking lot’s only exit.”  This in fact NOT the only exit from the parking lot, though if the carport collapses tomorrow, all cars would have to enter and exit through the North access to the alley.  A collapse could make some Ocean Tower Carports inaccessible.

The article indicated the truck hit the carport on October 4, 2018 is incorrect.  The correct date was September 27th.
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According to the article, “The resident who didn’t want her name published, said her daughter’s car was stuck inside their garage for several days.”  When she received no assistance from the City “she and he daughter pried the door open and slowly removed the car, careful not to disturb the caved-in garage roof.”

In fact, according to the resident, “The car was not stuck for several days nor did the resident and her daughter at 2734 pry open the garage themselves to retrieve the car. The day of the accident City staff opened the garage and retrieved the car.”

 32963 reported that “…since the incident in October [September 27], city garbage trucks no longer drive behind the townhouses to pick up garbage.”

In fact, trash and recycling are still picked up out back, via the alley.  According to the resident who didn’t want her name published, “The trash truck staff pull bins and walks them to the truck which backs into the South entrance.”

There is no grass in front of 2734’s front door. There is a parking pad.

In an email of April 26, two days after we published our article, “Manus, Gabrielle” <>, wrote:

[Ms. Manus is Director of Vero Beach Human Resources and Risk Management.]

Date: April 26, 2019 at 10:29:26 AM EDT email “Oh please keep in mind that the issue is out of the City’s hands and now with the insurance carrier. As you possibly know any interference by the City in insurance claims could possibly void our coverage.”

Here is the last email from the insurer:


From: Anthony Fields <>
Date: June 13, 2019 at 3:52:06 PM EDT” <>, “” <>, Mike Mehr <>, “Manus, Gabrielle” <>
Cc: PL Mail <>, Sherry Kusiak <>
Subject: RE: Claim # VA2018092419, Carport/Garage at 2732 & 2734 Cardinal Drive

Good afternoon all,

Please allow this email to confirm our previous request to have all parties “Reply to All” with some proposed dates for our meeting/re-inspection. To date, we have not received a response from all parties. As mentioned in my conversation with Mr. Nadeau earlier today, we (me & Mike – our field adjuster) are willing to come down to meet with all parties but we will do so after we all come to an agreement on the date and time. As such, please respond to this email with “REPLY TO ALL” with at least 3 separate dates that you would be available to meet. I prefer that all build off the initial set of dates listed by either Mr. Nadeau or Mr. Corey.

Please note that we are more than will to meet/re-inspect the damaged Carport/Garage for additional damages and/or current or market pricing but we are not able to increase consideration for depreciation nor increased cost of construction due to bringing the existing or damaged Carport/Garage up to current code. These items are not covered under a Liability claim and I would suggest that you speak with your individual Homeowner’s insurance carriers to discuss what I have mentioned above to verify as well as consider possible options for recovery.


 Anthony Fields Jr, AIC

Since the City’s insurer is “not able to increase consideration for depreciation nor increased cost of construction due to bringing the existing or damaged Carport/Garage up to current code,” who is going to pay for that?  Didn’t the City trash truck run into the garage?







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