Laura (Riding) Jackson Creative Writer, Susannah Vendryes: A Glowing Yellow Egg Rolls Down the Hill.



By Susannah Vendryes

Up in a tall pine tree on top of a grassy hill lies a big, glorious egg.  The tree has been bending and twisting in the wind for quite some time now; but the egg is safe.

The wind stops abruptly.  The tree is no longer dancing with the wind. No movement is seen. And then the egg, almost a glowing yellow, is disrupted.

The branch that holds the egg’s nest snaps and egg flies down from the top of the tree. Other branches brush the egg as it makes its way to the foot of the tree.

It lands silently and softly on top of a beautiful, lush, green patch of grass. But the falling doesn’t stop there. After a departing from its nest, the egg rolls down the hill.




Still perfectly in shape, the unhatched creature passes flowers and stones, insects and amphibians, and then comes to a stop at the bottom of the hill in front of a large river.

A large chunk of time is spent in front of this river. And the pink sun shines brightly in the purple sky. It won’t be setting anytime soon.

At this point in time, a nosy raccoon steps into the scene. It eyes the egg in wonder about what it could be. He’s never seen anything like it. He considers himself an expert on eggs. Being a raccoon who loves to travel, he has seen almost every egg known to mankind. But not this one.

He sniffs around cautiously. He gives it a nudge. Quite to his surprise, the egg nudges back. In his astonishment, he shoves the egg a little too hard, and sends the egg diving into the river.


The creatures who live in the river are confused at the sight of an egg swiftly flowing through the water at such a fast speed. The strong current of the river doesn’t keep the egg for long.

The egg is suddenly thrown out of the water and into a broad, wide meadow. The egg comes to a complete stop. It’s almost completely covered with cracks.

It begins to hatch. Horns emerge out of the top of the shell. Then the feet pop out. It wobbles around on its feet and, when it falls, the remaining shell cracks off.

Her beautiful scales and perfect white teeth shine in the rosy sunlight. As the dragon emerges from her small, cradled position in her egg, her wings unfold as she prepares to fly for the very first time.



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