Liberty Magnet Young Journalists, Indian River County, FL Publish Scholarly Articles.

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Seven young fourth and fifth grade Young Journalists at Liberty Magnet Elementary School in Vero Beach have published a 20 page magazine of their scholarly articles.   In addition to learning a journalism curricula, the research and writing of their articles were developed over a two-month period; meeting twice a week for one hour each day.


200 copies of The Liberty Young Journalists magazine were brought to the School District for distribution on Friday, March 13.  Copies are available from Mrs. Barbara Musselwhite, Extended Day Program Supervisor. 772-564-4999


Young Journalists Program


The Young Journalists Program for Fourth and Fifth graders is an introduction to plain old-fashioned journalism and those who have left a lasting mark on the profession.

By reading biographies of such journalists as Walter Lippman, E. B. White, Thomas Wolfe and Hunter Thompson the Young Authors not only gain an understanding of journalism’s history but build a rich and expansive vocabulary.

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The Young Authors Program emphasizes curiosity, research, sources, writing styles, conceptualization, writing, editing and revising.

In 2018 the Program was recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists.


The Program is expanding to more elementary schools in Indian River County, FL, in partnership with Indian River State College and Sebastian River High School International Baccalaureate students.

Please consider a tax deducible contribution to help Vero Communique’s sponsorship of printing the Liberty Magnet Scholarly Articles magazine.  $ 4.00 each x 200 = $ 800.

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