COVID-19 Message from the Mental Health Assoc. of Indian River County, FL


March 18, 2020

2:57 p.m.

Dear Friends of the Mental Heath Association in Indian River County,

Undoubtedly, each of you have been inundated with emails and correspondence from numerous organizations with information outlining their policies and actions being taken to address the COVID-19 virus.

First and foremost, we at the Mental Health Association in Indian River County (MHAIRC) applaud all of our fellow non-profits and businesses for the actions that they and their board members have taken to ensure “Best Practices” during this pandemic that the world is experiencing. This is obviously an unprecedented event; one that I have not experienced during my lifetime.

I do not think any of us have the magic answer to every question that is being posed and the information that we receive each day to make decisions is very fluid and seems to change by the hour. The impacts are unimaginable and will not be fully felt until such time that the virus has peaked and we subsequently get beyond this with a vaccine and/or treatment options.

We continue to encourage each employee and client to follow these guidelines issued by our agencies in charge of safety and welfare.


INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Three women are the latest residents in the county to test positive for coronavirus, or COVID-19, Florida Department of Health officials announced Sunday.

The county now has eight cases total of residents testing positive for the illness. The three women are ages 25, 58 and 81.  (Source:

The incubation period is 10-14 days and despite best efforts, there could easily be an unsuspecting carrier of the virus in virtually every aspect of our lives.

This is why it is imperative that each of us continue to practice best hygiene policies and if anyone thinks they are sick or show symptoms – contact your health provider and stay home during the recovery process.

Our local health officers and hospital offer these guidelines and links:

We realize that each person has a different level of anxiety.


So, what are we doing at The MHAIRC?

At our Walk-In & Counseling Center, we will continue to remain open during our normal business hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm for same-day mental health screenings, crisis intervention, emergency visits, and new patient evaluations.

We have adopted using telehealth for follow-up therapy for current patients and psychiatric medication refills.

We will also be available by phone for triages should anyone wish to avoid leaving their home or coming to the office. We have asked current patients that if they are sick or have a fever to stay home and we will treat them via the telehealth services described above.

Regarding our peer-run Drop-In and Recovery Centers, we shall also remain open during normal business hours 365 days a year. We have asked our peer members to avoid coming to the Drop-In Center if they have a fever or are feeling sick. Our vans are still available for pick-up and return visits.

With regard to our School Violence & Suicide Prevention program, we have seen all the ninth- grade students at Vero Beach High School. We have also seen all High School Students at Indian River Charter.

Unfortunately, the schools have closed therefore the didactic portion of our program remains on hold until the government and CDC let us know when schools will be open. In the meantime we remain available at the Walk-In & Counseling Center for any student’s therapeutic needs as stated above.

Of course all of this is subject to change on a daily basis due to current changes and requirements from the Government, CDC and National Institute of Health.

Thank you. We wish you all the best. Please feel free to call the office with any questions you may have. We will continue to update you as circumstances change.



Nicholas Coppola, CEO







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