Free Immunity Boost IV to Indian River County, FL First Responders and Hospital Staff


As Indian River County officials have declared a local state of emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Chris Festa, primary care provider and owner of River’s Edge Direct Primary Care in Sebastian, is donating one (1) free Immunity Boost IV to each first responder and hospital staff member serving within the county.

“These men and women are on the front-line caring for our community, and we want to care for them”, states Dr. Festa.

The Immunity Boost IV contains a high dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and Zinc Chloride.  Sourced from US-based Olympia Compounding Pharmacy, this IV contains premium-quality ingredients that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness.

Vitamin C is vital for immune health. Supplementing with this nutrient may reduce the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold.

Supplementing with zinc may help protect against respiratory tract infections and reduce the duration of these infections.

B complex vitamins are important for healthy immune response. Yet, many adults are deficient in them, which may negatively affect immune health

Those interested in scheduling a visit to the Healing Waters IV Lounge, located inside River’s Edge Direct Primary Care, should call the office at (772) 202-2265.

This offer is available while supplies last, and requires a photo ID and badge as proof of service. The River’s Edge team is ready to accommodate any and all qualifying individuals to ensure that they receive the offered Immunity Boost IV.

The regular price for the Immunity Boost IV is $185. The IV’s are sourced from Olympia Compounding Pharmacy. You can find more information about the IV at this link:
Dr. Chris Festa


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