5G: A Sign of Things to Come…

Subject: Kaspers v. Verizon

Attorney Bill Kaspers filed suit against Verizon on May 19, 2020 in federal court with the Northern District of Georgia.

The grounds for the suit are (1) unlawful trespass and property devaluation, (2) unlawful taking of property and of the joy and benefits of home ownership, (3) fraud (no notice), (4) section 1983 of acting under color of state law (Verizon subcontractor had a local sheriff accompany them), and (5) intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The suit asserts a claim of 20% for loss of value, and another 20% for pain and suffering, plus attorneys’ fees and costs because Verizon subcontractors brought along a sheriff.

The suit uses the average cost of homes in the neighborhood, times 110 homes, and makes a claim for $14 Million in the aggregate … plus another $14 Million for pain and suffering.   Below are excerpts from the lawsuit.

Verizon knocked on Bill’s door to tell him they were digging up his yard to install a cell pole … He [Bill] also persuaded the city to issue a Stop Work Order to Verizon until the pandemic is over (and for that did not include the name of each City Commissioner as Defendants).

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Kaspers v. Verizon

…his name was Wesley Ryan and that he worked for a Verizon installation subcontractor, “N.I.S,” [an abbreviation of Network Installation Specialists, LLC…with corporate offices located at…Georgia…the man handed plaintiff with a card with the name of Verizon…the man responded that the company he worked for, N.I.S., had been contracted by Verizon to dig a hole in front of Plaintiff Kaspers’ residence…and to put in the hole a pole on which Verizon Verizon would put a 5G cell radio transmission unit.

Plaintiff Kaspers then asked, on behalf of himself, his spouse, and his Derby Hills neighbors, that Verizon’s subcontractor leave the neighborhood. Verizon’s subcontractor responded by telling Plaintiff Kaspers that Plaintiff Kaspers did not have the right to ask Verizon’s subcontractor to leave the Derby Hills neighborhood.

…the Health Department representative persisted in demanding that the Verizon subcontractor’s crew cease and desist and leave the neighborhood, and after one of the subcontractor’s crew members then telephoned and purportedly talked with his “boss,” the Verizon subcontractor’s crew left the neighborhood, but not before stating that the “cease and desist” period would only be temporary, and that they intended to be back to perform the pole digging and 5G unit installation as soon as possible.

According to a number of published reports following studies of the health effects of a 5G cell unit, the radiation from a 5G cell unit can cause cancer and other potentially permanently debilitating health conditions in people of all ages. Indeed, there have been over one hundred studies, followed by over one hundred reports, related to the serious and potentially deadly health risks to people who live by, or even drive by, a 5G cell unit that is transmitting high-frequency radio waves. Brussels…official seat of the Council of the European Union, and the European Council has gone so far as to ban the installation and use of 5G units anywhere in that international city. And Switzerland, one of the world’s leaders in the development of 5G mobil technology, has placed and indefinite moratorium of the use of 5G technology in that country because of health concerns.

There have been additional studies and follow-up reports stating that, because of the serious health consequences which follow the installation and use of 5G cell units in populated ares, the value of homes in such a populated ares, the value of homes in such a populated area decrease by twenty percent (20%), on average, following the installation, start-up and use of 5G cell units in a residential neighborhood. According to these published reports…neighborhoods are used and tend to be viewed…are…similar to residences which are next to a toxic waste dump.

The comparison and analogy to the COVID-19 pandemic could not be more vivid, nor more real…while you can shelter in place to escape and evade COVID-19, once 5G cells units are installed in the front yard of Plaintiff Kasper’s residence and elsewhere around the Derby Hills residential subdivision and become operational, there is no shelter or escape other than to sell one’s residence and whatever devalued price might be offered by the buyer…”

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