Who is Vandalizing and Stealing Indian River County Campaign Signs?

Note the permission slip from the property owner on the campaign sign.

Tim Zorc, candidate for Indian River County (IRC) Commissioner (District 3) and Laura Zorc, candidate for the School Board of IRC (District 3) have been hit the hardest with numerous vandalized signs.

This is vandalism. The legs go 24 inches in the ground

It can’t be the wind.

We emailed several other candidates to see if their signs had been vandalized.

Peggy Jones, also a candidate for School Board of IRC (District 3) wrote:

“We had one sign vandalized a couple weeks ago.  That is the only one we know of right now. 

They actually pulled it out of the ground and that took some work as my  husband took real care in placing them into the ground. We were lucky during these last few rainstorms. We saw that many signs blew over but ours were standing strong.

Our sign was on A1A and we had permission to place it near Castaway Cove—they took it out and moved it about a half mile south and put it behind a retainer wall. Luckily one person found it and emailed us so we put it up again near where it was.

I will never understand why anyone would destroy property—-it just does not make any sense to me. Why would people stoop so low? “

Laura Moss, also a candidate for IRC County Commission (District 5) wrote:

“I have yard signs and 2′ x 4′ signs on wooden stakes; all of which carry my photograph so there is no mistaking whose it is.

So many yard signs have ‘disappeared’ that I have lost count. To my surprise, even some of the 2′ x 4′ signs on wooden stakes have ‘disappeared’. Last week, one of my signs with wooden stakes was broken and lying on the ground on Rte. 1 in Vero Beach. I felt chagrined that the wooden stakes appeared to have been snapped deliberately. While I stood there staring at the ugliness of that act, a homeless man approached and offered to carry it to my car for me, which he did. This simple act of kindness wiped away the ugliness. We truly are a very special community.” 

Chuck Kirby, a candidate for IRC Sheriff wrote: “I have not had any of my signs vandalized or stolen…”

According to Fellsmere Sheriff Keith Touchberry, “I have had three 4’x3′ signs damaged or destroyed and several 18″x24” yard signs pulled out of the ground and thrown from where they were placed.  I also had one on south A1A removed from its location and dumped in a debris pile about a half a mile away (see attached).  We did not share any vandalism or theft stories with the community until someone tagged me in a Facebook post about the A1A sign, so we shared that information and tried to make light of it.  To my knowledge, I have not had any sign issues since posting the A1A sign story. 

We received no reply from Major Eric Flowers or Bob Auwaerter, candidate for IRC County Commissioner (District 5).  

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