Letter from Tim Zorc, Indian River County, FL Commissioner.

August 9, 2020

Dear IRC Taxpayers and Facebook Friends:

I ask that you take a few minutes to understand the seriousness of what is happening in the District 3 Commission race and why it is important to the taxpayers to understand what is on the line.

Please allow me to explain the mega price tag on me thus far in an attempt to buy an IRC County Commission seat.

The amount keeps rising to over $100,000.00 for starters and with an additional $20,000 moved in recent days.

My opponent, the former AFL-CIO Union President and 35-year member has boldly claimed to Indian river County voters that he does not know who is behind the multiple attack ads against me. Joe Earman has unconvincingly insisted through his Facebook video and to all who have reached out to him for an explanation that he is oblivious to who is doing this and why.

He might think he’s being slick by denying his involvement but his response actually lacks transparency. It’s easy enough to just follow the money. We can see the money takes us right back to Joe’s AFL-CIO 2201.

Local 2201 has made numerous contributions to a Tallahassee Political Action Committee whose purpose is to benefit guess who? Local union members who run for local or state office

These direct donations to the PAC and other contributions from Unions and members directly to Joe Earman’s campaign now total $103,000.00.

For those interested you can go see for yourself by visiting https://dos.elections.myflorida.com/committees/ then type in Indian River Fire PAC.

So, we have followed the money from here to Tallahassee and back to Indian River County.

And, now we ask Why? 

Why would the local AFL-CIO be so interested in helping elect Joe Earman to the Indian River County Commission? 

It all goes back to following the money.

In 2022 the local AFL-CIO union that Joe was former president and proud 35 member of will be seeking a new 3-year contract that has an estimated value of $100,000,000.00 

Yes, that is the correct number of zeros. $100 million dollars.

Who do you think the Union wants to be helping negotiate and approve that new $100 million dollar contract?

Obviously, their former Union President and my opponent Joe Earman.

It’s very apparent to why Joe’s Union PAC has sent multiple negative postcards, texts, and email hit pieces on me.

Joe’s union buddies are after me because I have had the guts to stand up to their bullying tactics and not buckle to their unrealistic demands.

I stand on my accomplishments as your District 3 Commissioner.

The list is from helping with the sale of Vero Beach Electric saving local rate payers over $20million annually to spearheading the Bethel Creek flushing pilot project have been especially important to the residents of IRC. I have also been proud to support many other projects and initiatives such as the purchase of Historic Dodgetown golf course to stopping the application of Bio Solids near Blue Cypress Lake to continuing Children’s Services and Senior Resources.

To learn more about my campaign please visit my website at www.timzorc2020.com

I want to thank you for taking the time to understand why I am under attack and what is at stake for the taxpayers of Indian River County.

Tim Zorc

2 thoughts on “Letter from Tim Zorc, Indian River County, FL Commissioner.

  1. 😂😂😂😂 what a joke someone’s desperate, none of this is accurate and he also doesn’t even know the correct name of some of the most respected non-profits in our area! It’s Senior Resource Association, not Senior Resources 🙄 which he actually has never done work with expect for their yearly publicity event of March for Meals.

  2. Disingenuous political distortions. Trying to paint firefighters as some kind of unscrupulous union organization. The contract in question reflects a $1.5 million increased cost to emergency services personnel, firefighters EMT’s etc. You try to make it sound like the firefighters union will be getting $100 million. When that is total labor costs over a 3 year contract for normal salaries, pension and other benefits for ALL employees. Also, that reflects a much lower increase than the $3.3 million increase for the prior year which YOU approved. You’re a poor businessman and a worse commissioner.

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