Mark Mucher, Indian River County, Fl Taxpayer Assoc. Board Member Incites Societal Division.

Dr. Steve Flaherty, pictured right.

Dr. Steve Faherty, above right, who has been recognized for his community service by the Taxpayers Association of Indian River County, recently sent out an email to many of its members, in a general post to the public, as a service, with information on the forthcoming election process.

[Mr. Faherty did not send this out on behalf of the Taxpayers Association.]

Dr. Faherty copied most of the information from the Supervisor of Elections website,  The information he provided was nonpartisan and sent to provide us with current voting information. 

Mark Mucher, a member of the Board of Directors of the Taxpayers Association of Indian River County quickly responded to Mr. Flaherty’s email.


My advice to true patriots is to vote in person (unless you have a good reason (other than lazy) to do mail-in).

My reasons are several:

Why do Democrats want everyone to vote by mail?

Don’t vote TOO early!  What if we get an October surprise (e.g.  Biden and/or his son are arrested for the China/Ukraine extortion) and you have already cast your ballot for them)? (emphasis added.)

What if the Post Office (for whatever reason) doesn’t deliver a huge amount of ballots by election day (as threatened), delaying the results for weeks or months? If you DO vote by mail, try to drop your envelope at an early voting site rather than mailing.

There may be more, but these points deserve consideration.



A quick Response: (not from Dr. Faherty)

“Hi Mark

Not sure that how we vote, be it by mail or in person, or who we vote for determines if one is a patriot or not as long as we vote.

I think having served in the military or supporting family members who have served versus taking a medical deferment for heal spurs or dissuading a relative from serving in the military may be a better measure of someone’s patriotism.

Or maybe not using Federal property for political convention speeches is a measure as to whether someone really believes in the principles the country was founded on.

Just thoughts from someone who was raised with the story about George Washington and the apple tree and lying.

Have a Fantastic Day”

Our response (Vero Communique)

“Marc, you are looking for an October surprise?  What if Trump contracts COVID-19 from his indoor rallies?  Or those who attended those indoors rallies w/o masks? 

You are inciting societal division with your comments.

You need to chill out and understand there are other things at play than Hunter Biden.”

Marc Mucher

A reply to our post:

“Well said. Thank you for taking the time to answer in a ‘professional’ manner the crazy and divisive arguments from ‘Patriots’ like Marc, who are in fact cult members following blindly their spiritual leader Trump. 

“The Taxpayers’ Association of Indian River County, Inc. (TPA) is a Not-For-Profit Corporation chartered under the Laws of the State of Florida in 1957. It is a non-partisan organization.”

While Mr. Mucher’s post was not on behalf of the Taxpayers Association, certainly, as one of its Board members, Mr. Mucher viscerally expressed his partisanship. His post was not in keeping with good taste and propriety. We believe he should resign from their Board.

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