Veronica’s Brother Speaks Out.

Veronica Martinez Vorano
My name is Alfredo Martínez Vorano, Veronica's only brother. 
My Sister was an excellent person, full of life and Loved by her 
family. Her death has left an immense pain in all of us, her parents, 
her son, her cousins ​​and uncles and her beloved nephew Valentín, a 
child to whom we have explained that his Aunt became an angel 
who takes care of her from heaven. 

For some, accidents are statistical, but for loved ones it is not. 
I find it unacceptable not being able to know what happened in her 
tragic accident and I agree with my cousins ​​Natalia and Valeria that 
I would be the first to accept it if Veronica had made a mistake, but 
what is unacceptable is not being able to know the truth of the facts 
even more so when everything depends on a “simple” security camera 
check, for which I agree that Dr. Karl Alexy's response is a response
that does not respond to anything, which only denotes a series of 
obstacles to knowing the truth of what happened. Nothing is going to 
give me back Sister !!! 

But the truth could help other families avoid having to go through 
this, it really is very unfair that these accidents are not 
investigated correctly. 

I want to thank Mr. Thomas Hardy for the work he does to try to avoid 
this type of misfortune. Veronica Martínez Vorano forever in my 
heart your brother !!!

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