The Young Journalist Program Receives Third Consecutive Grant from the Joy Street Foundation.

The Young Journalist Organization of Indian River County, FL is pleased to announce its third generous “unrestricted” grant from the Joy Street Foundation, New Vernon, N.J.

Warren “Kim” Kimber, Jr. and his wife Bobbie established the Joy Street Foundation to support education.  The foundation only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations.

In announcing their grant to the Young Journalist, Bobbie Kimber, Joy Street Trustee, said: “I am so proud of what you have accomplished. It’s your ability to do the work you do to open these doors for these kids. I love it. Such a wonderful use for JOY STREET.”

Warren S. “Kim” Kimber, Jr. / 1933 – 2015

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The Young Journalist Program is an “Extended Day” offering by the School District of Indian River County for fourth and fifth graders. 

Elementary schools participating in the program include Liberty Magnet, Rosewood Magnet, Treasure Coast Elementary and Indian River Academy.  In January, 2021 the program will expand to Fellsmere Elementary Pelican Island Elementary, Fellsmere Elementary and Vero Beach Elementary, representing over one half of Indian River County elementary schools.

The Program began in 2018 with one elementary school and six students and in three years will, in 2021, have grown to eight schools, with roughly 42 students.

The Young Journalist Program is an introduction to plain old-fashioned journalism and the stories of those who have left a lasting mark on the profession. The mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and instill a lifelong love of writing by mentoring these students in the creation of their very own published bylines. 

All intellectually bright and gifted students are entitled to opportunities to live up to their potential. The Young Journalist Program nurtures students by growing writers. Through writing, they grow as readers as writing supports reading and reading supports further growth in writing.

The Young Journalist Program strongly believes that without curiosity there is no journalism. Students become Journalists by writing their own articles for publication. In the process the learn the “tools” of journalism: email, online research, copying and pasting in Word, citing sources, paraphrasing, sophisticated grammar, function and vocabulary, downloading publishable images and most importantly, conceptualizing and planning how the research will become a published article.

They read biographies journalists such as Walter Lippman, E.B. White, Thomas Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson and Christiane Maria Heideh Amanpour, to inspire them, demonstrate journalism’s many styles and build a rich and expansive vocabulary to enrich their own writing.

E. B. White

According to Cynthia Emerson, School District Director of Academic Innovation, reading scores from the iReady Diagnostic, students in the Liberty Magnet program “increased measurably” from the beginning to the end of the 2020-2011 academic year.

According to Executive Director, Cyrena Sky, “The best predictor of life success is one’s reading ability in primary school.”

300 copies of 20 students’ 23 scholarly articles were recently published and distributed throughout the School District and the Indian River County community.

In 2018 the Program was recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists, the oldest organization of journalists in the United States, founded in 1911.

In addition to the School District of Indian River County, partners of the Program include The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation, the Environment Learning Center and the First Amendment Museum, Augusta, Maine.

Young Journalists at Liberty Magnet Elementary, Vero Beach, FL.

The Young Journalist Program is underwritten by T. T. Online News Corp., D/B/A Vero Communique, a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit news organization.

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